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Once upon a time, two experienced freelancers were working remotely, traveling the world and catering to clients all over the globe. As they were getting older, developing their portfolios and on-boarding more and more work every year, they started to look for like-minded people with a complimentary set of skills.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet and to networking, these two little guys met. Soon after, they realized how wonderful and empowering it was to combine skill sets.  Therefore, they decided to join forces and collaborate to provide more to the wonderful people for whom they were building digital things all day.

Thereupon, their successful collaboration brought in more requests and the need for them to find new experts. From that was born Flowr. We are a network of independent and remote workers – a.k.a Digital Nomads – combining strengths and know-how. We are driven by passion. We abide to strong core values. We strive to continuously improve our skills. We believe in empowering and giving back.

From gigantic brainstorming to agile project management, including coding, designing, photography, Search Engine Optimization, social media management and much more, we are only an internet connection or a phone call away from each other, and from you. We are Flowr.
pauline jeannerot co founder flowr agency digital marketing malta paris

Pauline Jeannerot


Pauline loves humans and gets her thrill out of strategy.

For her, business development is like a tree growing in branches to form an overall goal and a vision. As a result, she particularly enjoys the project management aspect of developing a business, creating and implementing a road map to give it more visibility.

Although she has built a number of websites, she happily leaves the technical to Loïc to focus on content writing, social media management, storytelling, and search engine optimization.

Her core skill? Understanding your business in no time to deliver a digital strategy that will save you. time so you can focus your energy where you are the best while she focuses on growing your business’s visibility.

Pauline also has a soft spot for graphic design when it comes to print and enjoys giving brands visibility with old fashion brochures and pamphlets.

A few things you should know about Pauline:

  • She will mindmap, wireframe, draw, sketch every project that comes in her hands
  • She is both an early riser and a night owl and enjoys working at unconventional hours
  • She has lived in 6 countries and works in French or English with the same ease
loic moncany co founder flowr digital marketing agency malta ordeaux

Loïc Moncany


Not compromising on design to deliver you the best user experience for your audience and your goals.

Solution oriented, conversion rate optimization focused, Loïc loves processes and automation. In other words, he is always looking for new ways to be more efficient.

Initially a trained graphic designer, Loïc has earned his designers badges long ago. Above all, he nowadays enjoys focusing on development, integration, and all the technical stuff a bit more.

Loïc has been recognized for building highly converting landing pages and bringing traffic and sales in. He scoops the web for the latest software and tech. development and never ceases to adjust and improve. 

What you should know about Loïc:

  • He loves to animate stuff
  • He will say yes anytime to avocado
  • His favorite kind of design is the timeless one
  • His nickname is the Swiss army knife of the Internet
  • He has had a few companies by now. Start up creator, freelance, Airbnb manager, digital nomads community manager, no projects is not doable for Loïc

What makes us different?

1. We care

We want to know about you

Your needs, your struggles, your ideas, your knowledge. Nothing is ever too ambitious or too crazy to be discussed.

We don’t do one night stands, we’re here to stay.

Oh, and we make sure you can hear that smile on the phone too.

2. We empower

We love to teach.

It all started with a few instructional videos and a couple training guides.

Overtime, it became a habit and a value by which we live.

Today, it’s become an academy dedicated to mentoring trainees,  workers, nomads, freelancers or clients.

3. We pass it forward

We believe in giving back.

We were fortunate enough to be loved,  mentored, cocooned, trained, cared for.

Every year Flowr selects two projects from NGOs, associations or people with a cause and takes them on free of charge.

It’s our way to say thank you.

The Flowr Network

A team of trusted freelancers

A network that can handle both your daily issues and your biggest goals. #dream #believe #achieve

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Our team is here to advise you

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We offer a free consultancy call to help you identify your areas of growth and start boosting your digital presence.

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