Elements for a good marketing communication to create a company

Ahhhhh! I'm starting my own business and I'm not sure I know what's important for my marketing communication and not to miss my launch! Does this sentence sound familiar to you? Keep reading!

Marketing is essential to success of any company, especially with the increasing digitalization and the crisis of the Covid-19: dematerialized exchanges have made the digital presence essential for any company in 2022.


However, some many entrepreneurs don't know where to start. Having a viable idea, a market, a niche is important, but it doesn't give you the necessary keys to be heard by your target, to communicate effectively and to generate revenues.


With so many options and so many possible strategies, what are the indispensable to give visibility to a start-up company? What are the basics to be put in place from the start of the company to effectively reach its audience and grow harmoniously ? How to succeed in marketing communication and grow your business in 2022?


Marketing communication to create a business in 2023


In this article, we will share some decades of marketing experienceWith the hindsight of the impact of the changes of the last years (digitalization due to Covid-19, rise in power of social networks, dematerialization of professional exchanges) to accompany you in the bases of the marketing communication for a flourishing business, from the stage of creation of company.



1. A well-defined buyer persona

A buyer persona or simply persona is a fictional person who has all the characteristics of your typical customer. A persona is very useful to have a concrete representation of what can often be fuzzy ideas and impressions.

Before you can identify your buyer persona, you need to understand what a target market is.

A target market is a group of people you have identified as your ideal customers.

To identify it, start from the generic market of your product, its characteristics will place it on a more precise market.

For example:

  • Generic market = automotive
  • Target market = small electric city car


Identify your target market to know your customers

Who are you trying to reach with your marketing efforts? Knowing your target market will help you focus your efforts and ensure that you are using the most effective marketing channels to reach them.


To reach your target, you must first know it.

To do this, identify the criteria:

  • Demographic, geographic and socio-economic: gender, age, location, work, ...
  • Personality and lifestyle: bobo, city dweller, vegan, ...
  • Behavioral: novice, amateur, expert, ...
  • Sought-after advantages: sophisticated design, good value for money, ...


Identifying these criteria allows you to know what motivates your target to buy and therefore to know who and how to address them.


The buyer persona: understanding the main traits of your target prospect to address him effectively

You can have one or more typical customers, but be careful not to spread yourself too thin, or you won't know what tone to adopt with your brand. Once you've thought about your ideal customer profile, it's time to record this information in a file that will allow you to know, at any time, how and where to address your target in order to reach it effectively.

You can create your buyer persona, we have a template, do not hesitate to contact us send a short mail so we can send it to you!


Mockup buyer persona generator Flowr Agency


2. A unique graphic identity

For a company, having a good product without a good visual identity is like having a sports car with a lawnmower engine. It's a lot of effort for an inevitable disappointing result.

If you think you need help to avoid these efforts we have resources to help you!


A well-defined brand is essential for the growth of your business. Your brand is more than your logo or your product It's all about what your company stands for. With a strong brand, customers will more easily remember and trust your company.


To build a good brand image, you need to be aware of why a unique graphic identity is importantof What it is composed so you don't forget anything.

Then, it is important to have in mind the different stages of its creation to be as relevant as possible.


a good visual identity as one of the elements of marketing communication


The logo

The logo is the picture on the identity card. It is what we see immediately and which corresponds to our image. If we are never happy with the face we have on our identity card, we can be happy with the face of our company.


A good logo is a simple image that will directly remind people who it belongs to. A good logo allows the identification of the brand. It does not have to refer to the company's activity, but to its identity.


You should also know that the current trend is towards simplicity. You don't have to bother with convoluted design or unnecessarily complicated styling effects.



The colors

Colors have a meaning, they transmit emotions. They have specific codes and meanings.

Choosing the right color code is already conveying a message without writing a single word.

To name just a few prominent examples:

White : purity and innocence
Black : balance and elegance
Red : force, passion and prohibition
Yellow: heat, energy and wealth
Blue : confidence and competence.
Green : nature, health


But colors also imply actions on our subconscious, blue soothes, red creates action, ...


If you want to learn more about the psychology of colors, we have written a full article on it.


Text fonts

The typeface is an important marketing communication element for a good visual identity. It is the font that determines the level of readability of your text. If it is well chosen, it attracts the eye and makes the reading pleasant and easy for the user. This increases the retention rate on the article. In other words, the user will stay on the page longer to read the text. You can also add some fat to highlight the main information. However, be careful not to overuse it.


3. A well written story: storytelling

When a message becomes a story, magic happens!

Good writing can make all the difference, a well done storytelling can increase the conversion rate up to 30%.


storytelling as one of the elements of marketing communication


What message for a good storytelling?

Addressing your target audience in a relevant way is the key to successful marketing communication. And what should be the content of the message to concern future customers. Because we all love a good story. That's why effective storytelling makes all the difference.


A good storytelling is therefore a storytelling adapted to the person to whom it is communicated, to its target.



A series of questions to ask yourself before writing your storytelling

Before you start writing, there are a few questions to ask yourself:


  • What do I expect from the target with this text?

A purchase, appointments, likes, ...


  • Is the information essential and/or useful for the target?

A text with too much information or information that the user is not looking for will tend to lose him. A simple text with one or two ideas developed in sub-points is much more pleasant for users.


  • Am I writing a text that is in line with the objectives set?

Does the user find what he wants. A page for selling a pair of shoes should not contain information about the history of the brand that sells it. These are two different contents so they should be on two different pages.


  • Does my tone of voice, vocabulary and syntax match my target audience?


  • Are the ideas in my message well structured?




4. An active presence on social networks


In Francethe figure is 49.6 million of active users on social networks, it is a showcase that it would be a shame to neglect! It is more than 3 billions from revenues generated by advertising on social networks in France in 2021! It is therefore obvious that social networks are among the major marketing channels!



Social networks: a good digital marketing communication


The usefulness of social networks

Creating a company is good, but without creating a link, it is useless!

Proof by 3:

  • More 70% of Internet users who have had a positive impression with a brand on social networks, recommend it to their loved ones
  • 75% of Internet users use the social media to search for products
  • More and more users prefer contact with the company through social networks



Identify your communication objectives

A lot of companies go into social media thinking, "this will work.

As with everything, there are exceptions. However, this way of doing things does not work in the long term. An effective use of social networks requires resources in terms of means and personnel. And that's why it requires establishing a strategy with concrete and measurable objectives. There are several questions to ask:

  • What should my publications be used for?

(market opening, sales boost, loyalty, ...)

  • Who are my target users?

(age, gender, location, habit, professional activity, ...)

  • The financial means to be allocated to communication campaigns
  • The time period of each campaign.



Define a marketing communication plan

Once the objectives are clearly defined, it is time to get down to business. There are several steps to follow for a good use of social networks.


Step 1: On which social networks should you be present?

First, a quick overview is necessary. What are the most used networks in France and for what purpose?

Step 2: Gather a community: in other words, people who have a common bond with your brand

Step 3: Communicate with the community: interaction will strengthen the link and therefore the feeling of belonging.



5. An efficient website

A company's website is often the first point of contact potential customers. It is important to make a good first impression by having an effective website that accurately represents your company and its products or services.


To create an effective website, you must consider the purpose of your site, the target audience and the overall design. By following these keys, you can create a website that will be optimized for user experience that will help promote your business online and achieve its marketing goals.


A website as one of the marketing communication elements



To achieve your marketing goals, it is important to follow these steps in order:

  • What web strategy: defining your KPIs
  • Which website to choose?
  • How to make a website optimized for user experience?
  • How to measure its performance?


The rise and predominance of social networks over the last 20 years raises the question of the relevance of a website. If for some companies having a shop window or a commercial site is essential, more and more companies use their social networks as a first point of contact with their active users and prospects. Starting a business without a website is perfectly feasible, but a website remains an essential marketing communication element for any company that is growing: a good website is a guarantee of seriousness for any self-respecting company!



6. A solid referencing strategy

SEO is one of the major marketing acquisition channels, and taking care of its natural referencing is part of the indispensable elements for a good marketing communication when you create a company. More about 60 % of a site's traffic comes from search engines.


To be well referenced is to ensure that :

  • The flow of visits remains constant
  • The brand image is good
  • The brand is constantly visible to potential customers
  • The company has a profitable digital presence



SEO: a good digital marketing communication


What is SEO in concrete terms?

SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" is the optimization of a website for search engines. SEO has several aspects, namely:

  • Content SEO, or SEO writing: which consists of optimizing content for keywords that correspond to the search intent of Internet users, and to structure its content effectively
  • Technical SEO: optimizing the structure and performance of the site to provide a smooth browsing experience
  • Meshing: internal (between the pages of your site) and external (to source pages or external resources)
  • Netlincking: these are the links obtained from other sites to your website. The more you have, the more it indicates that your pages are qualitative, because others refer to them. The more your content is considered quality, the more it will be moved up in the search engine results!


For more tips on SEO content, there's our guide to SEO writing filled with tips on how to write an SEO optimized blog post!


How do I know if my SEO is still effective?

Trends evolve, technologies evolve, your SEO must evolve!

It's like everything else, if you don't maintain your website, it loses its effectiveness. This is why a website is never fixed. The frequency of publication for a good SEO is on average one publication per month.

It is therefore important to measure the quality of its referencing from time to time.

There are a number of ways to do this interesting audit to do on its SEO to identify potential problems.



7. Is a business card useful?

Even if in the digital age, we tend to think that the business card is a relic of marketing communication from a bygone era, it is not so.

Above all, it is a tangible object, it is passed from hand to hand very easily, it is an advantage to make yourself known quickly and in a durable way, because the card also acts as a memory aid for your future customers.


Since the business card is durable and represents you, it is necessary to take care of its design.


First the basics:

  • The name of the company
  • Your name and surname
  • Your contact information: email, phone number,...
  • Your position in the company


Then the customization:

  • A catchy slogan: a good slogan makes a lasting impression. However, be careful not to go overboard.
  • A visual that defines you: modern, old school, classic, ...


Finally the elements not to be neglected:

  • The font: it is an element that gives information about you, choose one that looks like you.
  • The reading direction: the easiest way is from left to right.
  • Paper quality: a folded or poor quality card looks bad
  • Don't overload: there is often a tendency to overdo it and fill the card with as much information as possible. This should be avoided. Go to the essential!



8. Photos that represent you

A meta-analysis which deals with the power of images, states the following postulate: "It emerges that the main characteristic of visual material is its ability to arouse emotions." The study contrasts the characteristics of the visual with those of textual content which: "the textual or verbal material keeps them in a more rational way of thinking".


To summarize, visual content is much more memorable and increases tenfold emotional attachment thanks in particular to the psychological process of identification.


royalty-free images as one of the marketing communication elements



Add to that the fact that the public's attention span is only getting shorter every year, our constant overexposure to continuous information content is inexorably causing a chronic deficit of attention span. It's a societal fact that we have to deal with.

In short, the images have a enormous persuasive power and it is absolutely necessary to take advantage of it. That's why you need a strong and unique visual identity. And this one is built in particular with beautiful visuals.


You are looking for royalty-free image banks to illustrate your content and assert your digital presence?



9. An email list

Think about your favorite brand. Chances are, you've interacted with that brand in some way online. You may have followed it on social media, or you may have received its emails. In order to reach and engage with customers online, brands need an email list. Using an email list is one of the most effective marketing channels to reach its various targets with an average conversion rate

Why create an email list

The mailing is very important in a marketing communication strategy, it can be used to achieve several essential objectives like:

  • Relaunching old customers
  • Retain existing customers
  • Convert prospects into new customers.
  • Contacting Internet users on a massive scale with potentially several thousand emails per day
  • Target customers more effectively by segmenting them
  • Contacting customers quickly to stay in touch with them
  • Plan your communication in advance to free up mental space on a daily basis
  • Collect all kinds of data on its customers which allows to be always up to date in its persona and in the value proposition of the brand


It is one of the elements of marketing communication the least expensive on average 70% less than other marketing communications


How to get emails to develop your mailing list?

We recommend that you put an email capture system in place as soon as you start building your business. You can do this quite easily with many tools.
Some methods of capturing email without going through his website:
  • A landing page generated directly from your emailing software (MailChimp, SendinBlue, Active Campaign, etc.) and relayed on your social networks or via a LinkTree on your Instagram account
  • A sign-up form on your website's under construction page before it is finalized, to start building and engaging your audience today

Some simple methods to grow your list using your website:

  • A newsletter registration form at the bottom of the page or in a pop up window
  • Offer a coupon from X% in exchange for an email
  • Freebie content (white paper, ultimate guide, must-have list, tool compilation, etc.) in exchange for newsletter subscription


The methods of growing your email list are as numerous as the email marketing providers! The one thing that remains constant is the indispensability of building an email list... your ideas!


mailing list as one of the elements of digital marketing communication


Marketing communication: concocting your own recipe


You must always be prepared to adapt to changes of the market. By focusing on these different marketing communication methodsyou can place your company on the road to success from the beginning thanks to its strong digital presence.

Don't forget about good old-fashioned advertising methods such as print ads, television commercials, radio ads and billboards. While they aren't as popular as they once were, they can still be useful for reaching certain audiences. Plus, they can be a great complement to your digital marketing communications efforts.


There is no miracle recipethe key to digital presence is adaptation. It's about understanding who your customers are, and using the marketing tools that are most relevant. There's no point in spending money and thinking it's going to be effective. Knowing how to spend your money wisely, on the right marketing channels will be much more profitable.


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