Espace City’zen Paris

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City'zen Paris, espace de ressourcement au coeur de la nature à Paris, site web par Flowr Agency

Espace City’zen Paris is an innovative space offering courses, workshops, training and seminars in the heart of the biggest park in Paris, Parc Floral de Paris. They had been struggling for months with an agency that was failing to understand what their needs where when they called us in.

Initially, we were brought onboard to provide a graphic and web design audit, and suggest a new mock up for the homepage. Flowr was then entrusted the full website redesign.

Key achievements

  • Assessment, coordination with the team and centralization of the content
  • Graphic identity evolution
  • Website redesign and launched on time for the largest event of the year
  • Integration of a booking system
  • Traffic explosion ? (yes, we are working on that bounce rate ASAP!)
Google analytics Espace City'zen Paris comparaison 2018 vs 2019 Flowr Agency webdesign :)
As the website project had been previously entrusted to another agency, there were a number of challenges that surfaced throughout the project:
  1. Taking over and reassessing where the digital strategy of the company stood
  2. Understanding why the project had failed in the first place
  3. Offering a new approach, an evolved structure, a graphic feel that matches the company’s vision, and crafting a new project management plan
  4. Developing and delivering the new website on time for a major event

1. The challenge

Understanding the needs.

2. The goals

Setting concrete objectives.

As the first website had been built on a limited platform, many functionalities weren’t available. The goals were to provide: 1. A new, better structured, and clearer website 2. Integrate a booking management system 3. Attract more B2C clients 4. Comply with GDPR regulations and the city of Paris requirements 5. Drive more traffic to the site to eventually convert into bookings
1. We dived into all the documents and what had been done so far. We assessed the amount of work and discussed at length to understand what the company vision and needs where. From there, we made a graphic proposal for the homepage . 2. After identifying the key challenges, we set up the timeline and started building the website and an inner page template. We had regular meetings to follow the progression of the built and adjusted throughout the process. 3. Once the website was redesigned (from Wix to Wordpress with a complete structural change), we did two full rounds of feedback, tested and debugged. 4. We made a series of tailored training videos to explain to the team how to manage the website and make it evolve. 5. We stayed around a little longer, adjusting as the weeks went by and were entrusted additional communication and marketing projects to keep working on the overall visibility of the company and build a strong brand image.  

3. The process

Following the methodology.

4. The solutions

What we did for them.

  1. The old website was built on a CMS that allows minimal control over graphic, responsiveness and search engine optimization. We moved to a new platform and allowed more overall customization and control.
  2. As we were building we realized that the offer was still not clear to us, and therefore unlikely to be to visitors. We changed the navigation and built custom post types which allowed to both display the offer visually in a consistent way and ease the back end management for the team afterwards.
  3. Together with the City’zen Paris team, we build a unique graphic identity incorporating textures and plants, creating a strong brand recognition.
  4. Authority was better established by displaying social proofs, high quality pictures and clients’ logos.
  5. We made sure that the website is fully responsive on phone, tablets and desktop, as over 60% of traffic is on mobile
  6. We integrated Mindbody, an industry-leading wellness booking software
  7. Keyword analysis and best performing pages allowed us to craft an SEO strategy and create better performing meta titles, descriptions, target key phrases and alt descriptions. Together with a performance optimization, it led to an increase of page views of over 5000%.

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