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Website redesign for the French pop singer Hazerka

Hazerka is a young French pop singer engaged in the fight against school bullying. He has a million followers on social media, is a recognized artist and intervenes in schools to talk to the youth and work towards ending bullying and harassment.

He had an existing outdated website where the message and the target audience weren’t clear.

We helped him define what kind of content he needed to have on his page to talk to his audience and created a new, modern, fully responsive graphic identity, as well as optimized the page for SEO to help school principals find him when looking for a guest speaker on the topic of bullying.

Hazerka needed someone to drive him in terms of content and help him set up clear goals for his site.
  • Who is the website for?
  • What tome should we use to talk to the audience we are targeting?
  • What elements will your visitors be looking for?
  • How should content be displayed to convey the desired message?
  • How to establish authority and show expertise?
  • What action do we want visitors to take?
  • How can we organize the page to lead visitors to act and engage?
Images were alaso displayed in a separate section which impacted the navigation and lacked consistency.

1. The challenge

Understanding the needs.

2. The goals

Setting concrete objectives.

The objective was to redo the existing single page website into a modern website with a concise yet precise message, showing the biography and values of the singer. The second point was to reassure schools and invite them to contact him for future conferences about school bullying.
We asked questions and watched the many videos of the artist. From songs to interviews, Hazerka uses his personal experience to lead the fight against harassment and bullying at school. From his existing black logo and the pictures he had we built a new structure, adding social proof along the way.

3. The process

Following the methodology.

4. The solutions

What we did for them.

With over 50% of all website traffic worldwide generated through mobile phones in 2020, a key point was a perfectly responsive website, working on phones, tablets and desktop alike. We created a mosaic structure to display as many pictures and videos and videos as possible, yet keeping a balanced look and matching media to the related content. We added some dynamic elements with movement on images, a background video, and dynamic counters to make scrolling the page more entertaining. Finally, the page was SEO optimized to rank well in search engines.  

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