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You've got a new project, a new business and need a graphic identity, a website, a brochure? You're brand new to the digital world and have no idea where to start? We've got you!

  • Consulting & Project Management

  • Business starting advice

  • Graphic identity

  • Website creation

  • eCommerce creation and launch

  • Writing & copywrighting

  • Videotraining


Acquire the right tools from start and know exactly where you’re going. Set up efficient strategies from the beginning and stop wasting time trying to learn it all on your own.

Tailored guidance, set-up, and training to start your business and get visibility online. Say goodbye to newbies mistakes and hello to a successful launch.

Who is Start for?

Young entrepreneurs, self-employed, solo preneurs, ambitious employees in need of a fresh start, freelancers and futur e-Commerce masters. 

So, what's in Start?

  • Custom consulting

  • Facebook support group

  • Templates-based or custom-made websites

  • Trainings

  • Tools and skills

  • Google My Business creation or optimization

Your business needs to strengthen its online presence? You need to get more leads, more calls, sell more? Let's bring your website and social media presence to the next level to make you GROW!

  • Website redesign

  • Website optimization (speed and conversions)

  • SEO

  • Copywriting & emailing

  • Lead acquisition strategy

  • Social networs and Facebook ads

  • WordPress and Elementor experts at your fingertips

  • Advanced and/or tailored training shall you want to acquire new skills


You are rightfully busy taking care of your business and no one is taking care of your digital marketing properly. You’ve had negative or neutral previous experiences with multiple service providers and need to start moving before the competition eats you. Every day that your website isn’t giving your audience what they need is a day where you’re missing out on leads and sales.

Technical obsolescence, new tools continuously coming out, outdated content, or poor SEO… Your digital marketing needs experts and a little lovin’!

Who is GROW for?

Companies and independents who need a good boost! If you need to freshen up your brand image, tailor better to your audience, free up some time, stop the DIY, grow your business, and generate more money, you’re in the right place.

So, what's in Grow?

  • Audits (SEO, website, social)

  • 360 digital marketing for your online presence

  • A custom-made and brand new website, built to convert

  • Optimized lead magnets (lead generation)

  • Google My Business creation or optimization

  • Blog articles

  • SEO strategy including keyword research + competitors analysis + SEO boost

  • Social media content and account management

  • Maintenance

  • Monthly reporting

You have one or more companies cruising and want to bring continuity in both your growth and the people you trust with your image. Stop wasting time managing multiple freelancers and get a one-stop digital partner to manage all your on and offline communication needs. Let's join forces and collaborate on the long run.

  • Growth and market shares gain strategy

  • Dedicated project manager

  • SEO + SEA

  • Maintenance + support 24/7

  • Copywriting and emailing

  • Flyers & brochures


We are convinced that the most successful collaborations are long term and built on trust, homogeneity, skills, and continuity. 

Your success is our success too.

Who is Play for?

Established companies looking for a digital partner to get to the next level.

So, what's in Play?

  • Monthly packages tailored to your needs

  • Dedicated experts

  • Maintenance and support

  • Social media content and account management

  • Editorial strategy and publications

  • New channel development

  • Long term SEO to bring you up there in Google's search results

  • Reporting, analysis, follow-up, and recommendations

  • Graphic design as per needs

  • Prestations 360°


A few things that make us, us...and maybe the right fit for you?


We care

We want to know about you, your dreams, your needs, your struggles, your ideas, your knowledge. Nothing is ever too ambitious or too crazy to be discussed.

Sorry, we don’t do one night stands, we’re here to stay.😉

Oh, and we make sure you can hear that smile over the phone too!


We empower

We love to teach. It all started with a few instructional videos and a couple of training guides.

Over time, it became a habit and a value by which we live.

Today, it’s become an academy dedicated to mentoring our clients, but also trainees,  workers, nomads, freelancers, and anyone who wants to learn.


We pass it forwrad

We believe in giving back. We were fortunate enough to be loved,  mentored, cocooned, trained, cared for.

Every year, the digital agency selects two projects from NGOs, associations, or people with a cause and takes them on free of charge.

It’s our way to say thank you.

Case studies

See how our digital agency made them grow

Malta Offices

Malta Offices is the leading rental agency in Malta. To meet the changing needs of a business, Malta Offices offers the right office space for everyone and, best of all, an ultra-fast service. Factors such as size, layout, location, period of entry, duration, required facilities and budget allocation, are determined to ensure that the process of reviewing and selecting properties is a true success.

LIRE L'étude de cas

BLC – Bristol Language Centre

Bristol Language Centre is a language school established in 2004, based in Bristol, which welcomes more than 100 students from all over the world every year to learn English. The school offers a personalized follow-up adapted to each student, online courses, and the possibility to be hosted by a host family or in a student residence.

LIRE L'étude de cas

Plus Jamais Seul

The Plus Jamais Seul project is an initiative set up by singer Hazerka and football player Jonathan Matijas to help young children who are harassed in the schoolyard. Every year more than 700,000 children are harassed in France. The consequences of such harassment can be disastrous. Hazerka, a former victim, has made the fight against […]

LIRE L'étude de cas
Website redesign for the French pop singer Hazerka


Hazerka is a young French pop singer engaged in the fight against school bullying. He had an existing outdated website where the message and the audience weren't clear. We helped him define what kind of content he needed to have on his page to talk to his audience and created a new, modern, fully responsive graphic identity.

LIRE L'étude de cas

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