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Big Wall

The challenge set by Big Wall was to take over the design made by an agency and finalize it in order to make it compatible with all devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet). It was then a question of creating a WordPress theme and creating specific types of content in order to highlight the Big Wall materials & case studies. - Updating a design made by someone which was not into Webdesign (it was more like a print design) - Creating a custom WordPress theme...

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Website redesign for GDA, the Global DMC Alliance, by Flowr, creative digital agency

GDA – Global DMC Alliance

GDA - Global DMC Alliance's traffic was 94% on mobile with a website that, although considered responsive (resizing on small screens), was not adapted for navigation on phones and tablets. The destinations page, which was the most viewed page, was not easily accessible on small screens. The company felt that there wasn't enough call to action, not enough good quality pictures and that the offer was unclear and the services were difficult to access....

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City'zen Paris, espace de ressourcement au coeur de la nature à Paris, site web par Flowr Agency

Espace City’zen Paris

Espace City'zen Paris is an innovative space offering courses, workshops, training and seminars in the heart of the biggest park in Paris, Parc Floral de Paris. They had been struggling for months with an agency that was failing to understand what their needs where when they called us in. Initially, we were brought onboard to provide a graphic and web design audit, and suggest a new mock up for the homepage. Flowr was then entrusted the full website redesign....

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Vibely is a visionary startup based in the U.S.A. The app allows influencers to grow their community offline by encouraging their followers to meet face to face, organize local events, and support each other anywhere in the world. Key achievements: Integration of the landing page from a design Responsive design optimization for tablet / mobile / desktop...

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After 2 years promoting Tawacovoiturage, the first version of Cardating which was a carpooling platform dedicated to events. The startup, despite a community of more than 10,000 users and partnerships with many festivals in France, had difficulty finding an interesting business model. The booming sharing economy and especially the presence of the BlaBlacar unicorn made it difficult for the website to penetrate the French market. After many months of brainstormings, the Tawacovoiturage team, Loic Moncany & Marc Boulet, decided to improve the carpooling product dedicated to events in an application dedicated to affinity carpooling....

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Their feedback

Marina Debeurre

SEO & Content freelance

I have been working as a freelance in Digital Marketing for over 4 years. I reached out to Loïc many times to assist me on the front-end development part of several sites. His expertise brought a lot to the project and his contact with the client allowed us to achieve a very personalized service each time. He is serious, very reactive, proactive and a creative force. We have done some very nice projects together, I will work with him again and recommend him without hesitation!

Mathilde Billaud

Director @Espace City'zen Paris

I warmly recommend Loïc Moncany & Pauline Jeannerot whose work, reactivity, creativity and passion have saved the launch of my website. In a delicate context of resumption of contract for a complex, very rich site, and in a very constrained time Loïc and Pauline managed to create a magnificent and functional site! The proof in image:!

Arnaud Levy

Co-director @Les poupées russes

Loïc is positive, efficient, pragmatic and open. He carries great projects, with the combined designer, developer, and entrepreneur skills.

Manuel Rohaut

Founder @Meny-wise

Very attentive, producing quality work, detailed-oriented and always completing the project in the time allocated, on every mission we collaorated on. Very serious, to be recommended!

Maxime Deveaux

Software enginer @Criteo

A talented WordPress developer / integrator.

Marc Boulet

Co-funder at Cardating

Great team and really good skills !!

Jean-Baptiste Rousset

Director @BigWall

Flowr created our website, they were reactive and attentive, I happily recommend them!

Marc Boulet


Having worked 2 years with Loïc on a joint venture and later on on other projects, I can assure you that he is a very reliable person who has the sense of a job well done. He has many skills in terms of IT development, partnership, business development and marketing. His core competences are website creation, management and IT security, as well as design. If I had to describe Loïc in 2 words it would be: Serious & Happy.

Velyne Tourneux

Echographist @Echographie Paris 12

Dear Pauline, it is a pleasure to write a few lines concerning your availability, your competences and your investment in our collaboration, which has lasted almost four years now. The effectiveness of your intervention in the development of my medical activity has been topped by the pleasure of working with you. The change has been incredible: The existence of my ultrasound practice has been widely spread and its image largely valued thanks to the creation, the optimization and the management of my website. Today, my schedule is not enough to accommodate all incoming patients.    

Vanille Beernaert


Very active, Loïc has many professional and personal projects to his credit. He is organized, attentive and focused on delivering quality work. Always a step ahead of technological innovations, he will know how to meet to your requests.

Mathilde Perruchot

Co-founder @The Women Tour

Very good experience! The agency has shown great professionalism, pedagogy, and flexibility. The website is far beyond our expectations and the human service we received particularly touched us! Kudos again for the work provided!  

Paola Iannucci

Freelance graphic designer

Loïc is a great asset. I was able to work with him on one of my projects where he brought in his expertise. He knows how to use his multiple skills, he is serious, reactive and motivated! I highly recommend him!

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