Discover the Cardating project

Cardating is a new ride-sharing application dedicated to help people to travel by affinity.
A mix between Tinder and BlaBlaCar. This project was the continuation of the Tawacovoiturage project.

Key achievements:

  • Created all the design strategy, brand identity, logo design
  • Front-end Development of the entire app with Ionic (Angular 1)
  • Programmed Ruby On Rails API Mailers
  • Delivery and Build Process W/ Heroku
  • Management of Apple and Play Store App delivery and publishing.
  • UML flux of all the app.
  • Making of promotional videos

1. The challenge

Understanding the needs.

After 2 years promoting Tawacovoiturage, the first version of Cardating which was a carpooling platform dedicated to events.

The startup, despite a community of more than 10,000 users and partnerships with many festivals in France, had difficulty finding an interesting business model.

The booming sharing economy and especially the presence of the BlaBlacar unicorn made it difficult for the website to penetrate the French market.

After many months of brainstormings, the Tawacovoiturage team, Loic Moncany & Marc Boulet, decided to improve the carpooling product dedicated to events in an application dedicated to affinity carpooling.

The challenge was to create a mobile application available on Apple and Android.

Read the presentation in French 

2. The goals

Setting concrete objectives.

The objective was to create a hybrid ride-sharing application from scratch.

Long months of research and design, UML diagrams, user experience preceded the operational part of the project.

You had to think of everything before you started coding.
Create the different screens of the application, Think about the different user cases, Select a hybrid technology to create an application accessible on the different marketplace ( App Store & Android)

3. The process

Following the methodology.

After 6 months of designing the application and with the help of a new collaborator, Alain André, we chose to create the application in this form:

Back-end : Ruby on rails – API
Front-end : Framework ionic – Angularjs – html – css

This solution would allow accessing the data of the ride-sharing platform in order to build a web app.

What is Ionic ?
Ionic is the app development platform for web developers. Build amazing cross platform mobile, web, and desktop apps all with one shared code

4. The solutions

What we did for them.

The launch of the Cardating application provided a simple way for ride-share users to create their ride-share network.

The proposed solution allowed users to travel by affinity. This application was later promoted threw different channels like Youtube, Social Medias and offline partnerships.

Check the official video :

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