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Social Media Management

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Big Wall

The challenge set by Big Wall was to take over the design made by an agency and finalize it in order to make it compatible with all devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet). It was then a question of creating a WordPress theme and creating specific types of content in order to highlight the Big Wall materials & case studies. - Updating a design made by someone which was not into Webdesign (it was more like a print design) - Creating a custom WordPress theme

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Website redesign for GDA, the Global DMC Alliance, by Flowr, creative digital agency

GDA – Global DMC Alliance

GDA - Global DMC Alliance's traffic was 94% on mobile with a website that, although considered responsive (resizing on small screens), was not adapted for navigation on phones and tablets. The destinations page, which was the most viewed page, was not easily accessible on small screens. The company felt that there wasn't enough call to action, not enough good quality pictures and that the offer was unclear and the services were difficult to access.

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Website redesign for the French pop singer Hazerka


Hazerka is a young French pop singer engaged in the fight against school bullying. He had an existing outdated website where the message and the audience weren't clear. We helped him define what kind of content he needed to have on his page to talk to his audience and created a new, modern, fully responsive graphic identity.

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After 2 years promoting Tawacovoiturage, the first version of Cardating which was a carpooling platform dedicated to events. The startup, despite a community of more than 10,000 users and partnerships with many festivals in France, had difficulty finding an interesting business model. The booming sharing economy and especially the presence of the BlaBlacar unicorn made it difficult for the website to penetrate the French market. After many months of brainstormings, the Tawacovoiturage team, Loic Moncany & Marc Boulet, decided to improve the carpooling product dedicated to events in an application dedicated to affinity carpooling.

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City'zen Paris, espace de ressourcement au coeur de la nature à Paris, site web par Flowr Agency

Espace City’zen Paris

Espace City'zen Paris is an innovative space offering courses, workshops, training and seminars in the heart of the biggest park in Paris, Parc Floral de Paris. They had been struggling for months with an agency that was failing to understand what their needs where when they called us in. Initially, we were brought onboard to provide a graphic and web design audit, and suggest a new mock up for the homepage. Flowr was then entrusted the full website redesign.

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Website redesign of Animal Medical Centre Malta by Flowr Agency

Animal Medical Centre Malta

Animal Medical Centre Malta had an old website that disappeared overnight! Flowr jumped in to create a brand new one compatible on all screen sizes, learn the what and how of a brand new website for this vet clinic in Malta!

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Flowr Agency's goal is to become a digital partner for companies which stuggles in their daily digital needs. Everyone has a job, you should focus on what you do the best and let professionals take care of your digital identity.

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