Our digital marketing agency is multipurpose and human-focused.

We combine our strengths and know-how and coach each client over time to define a strong digital marketing strategy.We are driven by passion. We respect strong fundamental values.We strive to constantly improve our skills. We believe in empowerment to invest our time where it generates the most value for you.

Our network is international

It is made up of competent professionals and complementary companies,
which allows us to accomplish great things, but above all, to grow together.

Join the Flowr team.

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Our management team is dedicated to your success.

We combine our strengths and know-how and coach each company over time to define a strong digital marketing strategy.
We are driven by passion.
We respect strong fundamental values. 
We are constantly striving to improve our skills.
We believe in empowerment to invest our time where it generates the most value for you.

We have a mission:
to guide you step by step to

1. Increase your visibility

Increase your visibility, the visibility of your brand or your company and reach a new audience. Develop a brand image and a harmonious development strategy.

2. Keep up with your activities

Put in place the right tools now so you don't have to do it all over again in 3 years time by acquiring the right basics with an available and connected digital marketing agency. 

3. Free up your time

Focus on your areas of expertise, we take care of your marketing and communication.

4. Increase your sales & find new customers

Promote. Excel. Grow.

and give you...
the And give you... entrepreneurial freedomundertake.
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YES speak English.

Travelling is a great way to learn, meet people and love languages! The Flowr team is globetrotting and multilingual: French, English, Spanish, with in-depth knowledge of the French, American, Spanish and Maltese markets.

Is your digital marketing in English? Yes, we can!

The Flowr Team

Your advisor

Your dedicated point of contact in the agency, he (or she!) accompanies you step by step in the definition of your needs and in the development of your visibility strategy. He or she knows your company, your sector, your objectives and makes customized proposals.

The project manager

Expert in marketing and strategy, he coordinates and sets up the different stages of your project and the human resources necessary for its successful completion. He guides our collaboration and is at your disposal to give you visibility on our actions.


They elaborate and deploy the closing strategy of your web project. Data professionals, they analyze from the beginning how to build and position your site to give it the visibility it deserves and accompany you over time to make it grow in the search engine results.

The designers

Experts in graphic design, designers give life to your brand visually. Graphic identity, logo, web ergonomics: they draw your brand, give it body and decline its unique identity on all media.

The editors

Give your brand a voice! Writers create unique content, aligned with your tone of voice and taking into account your audience and search engines. Website content, taglines, highlighting your expertise, blog posts... They are there to put the right words on your concepts, products and services.

Web designers

The magicians who transform all the elements of your web strategy into a site that looks like you. Beauty, performance, speed... They design, integrate and animate modern and efficient websites.

Adopt the digital nomad lifestyle?

It's working wherever you want to in a liberated and creative way 🌍

All we need is an internet connection and we can work from anywhere: a cafe, a beach, the house or even in the savannah! 🦒

Flowr was built to give freedom: the freedom for its customers to do business, the freedom to its employees to work from wherever they are. 


The quality of the work does not depend on 4 walls 🧱

A happy employee is a more invested employee 😀

Diversifying your work environment often makes you more productive 💡

There are too many magical places on earth to stick to just one! 🌎


Our clients and partners often ask us how we will work together. 

They are afraid of not having meetings with us.

They don't know what tools to use or how to handle them. 

Long before COVID we were already behind our computers in all corners of the world.

Long before the confinements, we were already working at home. 

These tools have been with us for years. 

Together we teach you how to use them. 

We won't lie to you, 

At the end of the day, our phone batteries are often empty 😂

We often have several video conferencing rooms open in our browsers

We've sent each other numerous files

But we wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

For us and for you,

Flowr Agency, the digital marketing agency that gives you (and us) entrepreneurial freedom.