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Digital is a bit like cooking: there are undeniable things that work, and yet it's always possible to innovate, to experiment, to be surprised. Marketing means never getting bored.

We have been lucky enough to coach more than 70 entrepreneurs from very different fields, with a particular appetite for subjects related to education, language learning, tourism, NGOs and ethical entrepreneurship. 

We like to implement tailor-made digital strategies, creative ideas and optimized campaigns, while reusing those ingredients that we know bring success and satisfaction of a job well done. 

You will discover on this page some of the projects which we enjoyed working on. Of course, they are not all there and some of them have already evolved, that's the principle of long-term support 😉 


You will discover through these case studies the stories of Audrey, Fabrice, Nina, Alexandra, Jean-Charles, Elisabeth, Louise, Mathias, Aline, Marine, Nicolas, Michèle, David, Marie, Yona, Pierre, Sanna, Catherine, Mathilde, Kevin, Daphne, Peter, Marc, Marving...

They are entrepreneurs at different stages of their growth who chos to trust digital marketing to boost their visibility. To all of them, thank you for your trust. 

Through these pages, you will also discover a sample of our skills, learn a little more about our process and how we have played a role in turning concepts, ideas and visions into reality. 

Enjoy your reading! 

Our latest achievements

screencapture sannaconsciousconcept en accueil 2022 04 14 11 30 51
screencapture graphic turns 2022 04 14 14 41 42
screencapture koalanmama 2022 04 14 11 46 57
screencapture monsieurdarmon 2022 04 14 11 31 57
screencapture leroyetassocies accueil 2022 04 14 11 20 54
screencapture leplusimportant org 2022 04 14 11 33 42
screencapture imc international at en 2022 04 14 11 54 57
climateactionaccelerator.org scaled homepage
screencapture silverlane fr 2022 04 14 11 21 40
screencapture iridetoschool mt 2022 04 14 11 50 12
screencapture okaveo 2022 04 14 11 57 44
screencapture vracethik en 2022 04 14 11 26 24
screencapture mariageauvert en 2022 04 14 11 44 13
screencapture expatstudent en 2022 04 14 11 58 37 1
accomplish transition.org scaled home page

Testimonials from satisfied customers


Excellent work! Fast, efficient, professional and caring. Recommended.

Teri Yu

Loic is a secret weapon in web development. I recently hired Loic to build our responsive website (http://www.vibely.io for community meetings). It was finished in 2 days, polished with animations, and built with clean code. I couldn't be more pleased!

Paola Iannucci

Loic is a very good element to develop his project. I was able to work with him on one of my projects. He brings his expertise and knows how to use his multiple skills. Serious, responsive and motivated! I recommend him!

Vanille Beernaert

Very active, Loïc has many professional and personal projects to his credit. He is organized, attentive and concerned about delivering quality work. Always a step ahead of technological innovations. He will know how to best answer your requests.

Alexandre Mangin

During two great years, I worked with Loïc on the Tawacovoiturage project, it was a very enriching experience. Loïc knew how to put forward the communication, the design, the management of the whole community around the project which was about ten thousand active users. Don't hesitate a second if you want your project to take off and come to life 😉 !

Mathilde Billaud

I highly recommend Loïc Moncany & Pauline Jeannerot whose work, responsiveness, creativity and passion saved the launch of my website. In a delicate context of taking over a contract for a complex site, very rich, and in a very constrained time Loïc and Pauline have managed to create a beautiful and functional site! The proof in pictures: www.cityzenparis.com !

Marina Debeurre

I've been working as a freelance digital marketer for over 4 years. I called Loic many times to help me with the front-end development of several websites. His expertise brought a lot to the project and his contact with the client allowed us to achieve very personalized support each time. He is serious, very reactive and proactive. We have achieved very beautiful projects. I will work with him again and I recommend him without hesitation!

Manuel Rohaut

Very attentive, producing quality work, neat and on time for each mission that I had the opportunity to entrust to him. I seriously recommend him.

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