Discover our latest achievements.

We help our clients grow their businesses. We try to be part of their business and meet their needs. Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients achieve their goals.

Natural referencing YB Locksmith Marseille

YB Locksmith Marseille - Natural referencing.

Web redesign: A new lease on life for Learn to Shop.

Learn Purchasing is the blog of Fabrice Ménelot, expert in corporate purchasing performance. He publishes articles on his blog to encourage buyers to improve their skills, but also to help newcomers discover the profession.

Crop and co : redesign of a business consulting website.

Crop and co helps companies and public organizations to improve their purchasing performance through customized transformation plans, led by purchasing experts.

Collectif la Fourmilière - Web redesign.

After an initial contact to identify the needs of the Ant Hill, a collective of independent journalists, we gathered our team of web designers to find a design that meets the specifications.

SILVERLANE - Branding Pack.

After a first contact by recommendation, we accompanied Hédy in the whole marketing implementation of SILVERLANE. From the complete graphic identity (logo design, choice of text fonts, colors and iconographic style), to the creation of its bilingual French/English human resources and recruitment website, to the realization of its support documents.

SEO and web writing : 114 Paris.

114 Paris is a French brand of handmade and ethical leather goods based in Paris. Its creator Nina contacted us following the recommendation of an acquaintance with whom we were already collaborating so that we could help her give more visibility to her store.

Digital is a bit like cooking: there are undeniable things that work, and yet it's always possible to innovate, to experiment, to be surprised. Marketing means never getting bored.

We have been lucky enough to coach more than 70 entrepreneurs from very different fields, with a particular appetite for subjects related to education, language learning, tourism, NGOs and ethical entrepreneurship. 

We like to implement tailor-made digital strategies, creative ideas and optimized campaigns, while reusing those ingredients that we know bring success and satisfaction of a job well done. 

You will discover on this page some of the projects which we enjoyed working on. Of course, they are not all there and some of them have already evolved, that's the principle of long-term support 😉 


You will discover through these case studies the stories of Audrey, Fabrice, Nina, Alexandra, Jean-Charles, Elisabeth, Louise, Mathias, Aline, Marine, Nicolas, Michèle, David, Marie, Yona, Pierre, Sanna, Catherine, Mathilde, Kevin, Daphne, Peter, Marc, Marving...

They are entrepreneurs at different stages of their growth who chos to trust digital marketing to boost their visibility. To all of them, thank you for your trust. 

Through these pages, you will also discover a sample of our skills, learn a little more about our process and how we have played a role in turning concepts, ideas and visions into reality. 

Enjoy your reading! 

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