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Here, we write to convert!

Increase your conversion rate with well-written and SEO-optimized product descriptions, sales pages, newsletters and web content with the services of a professional copywriter or web editor!

You are most likely losing money.

You sell online: products, services, training, coaching...

And yet...

Despite the work done on your site,

the service providers you have used,

the time spent writing, 

your site is not getting the results you want.

Few of your prospects will find you,

you are not positioned where you would like to be in the Google results, 

your bounce rate is high, 

your content is outdated or incomplete, 

your SEO score is low,

your texts contain mistakes, 

your visitors can't find you, 

you have neither the time nor the inspiration to publish as much as you would like.


And finally... You stagnate.

It happened to me too.

I was writing for others, and never for myself, for us.


I saw lots of people around me succeeding in generating sales on the internet automatically...


While my site wasn't selling. Every contract signed was a contact obtained elsewhere, rarely someone who had arrived here thanks to optimized content.


This may be the case for you as well.


By the way, you may have been thinking the same thing:

  • I can never get enough qualified leads through my site
  • Internet sites are only used to collect spam
  • People come to compare and never buy anything 
  • My sales will never take off
  • No one will see it if I do a little copy/paste


You spent time there, 

You've got the tools in hand, 

You have integrated the vendor descriptions,

You've been following tutorials,

You did the best you could, 

... but you still haven't managed to make your sales last.


Like many passionate, multi-tasking entrepreneurs or infopreneurs, something seems to have slipped your mind, but you don't know what.

Copywrigting express was designed for entrepreneurs and business owners in a hurry who want to delegate their copywriting and have content that converts, quickly. This service has been designed so that even an entrepreneur who knows nothing about SEO or copywriting can succeed in selling exponentially on the internet.


They trusted the services of a professional web editor, which allowed them to position themselves on 10 times more keywords, boost 400%'s traffic and, at least, double their sales.

Paris, France
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"Flowr took care of my eshop and gave it a second life. 🙏🏽"
Paris, France
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"Flowr Agency helped me set up my e-commerce in all aspects. I highly recommend AND highly recommend."
Enlightened entrepreneur
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"You're the queen of bullshit, that's great!"
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"Ah top!! Thanks Pauline."
FabriceSerial entrepreneur
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"It's great what you did."

Why trust us?

This is Pauline, co-founder of Flowr Agency, and web editor.


As a marketing enthusiast, a lover of words and a bookworm, I understood 8 years ago that with the right structure, the right text and the right keywords, a content could increase its efficiency tenfold.


I started out writing product descriptions for online stores in the delicatessen, home decor and kitchen sectors, and quickly realised that other areas than e-commerce needed effective, well-written copy. I have diversified my writing by writing website and brochure content and blog posts for a wide range of industries, always with a particular focus on education, early childhood and ethical and responsible consumption. I've been fortunate enough to write white papers and government website content. I've seen visitor curves and click-through rates skyrocket. I feverishly checked weekly on the keywords gained. I watched with pleasure and excitement as my clients' sales grew.


Soon enough, I didn't have enough of my own two hands to meet the demands.
After 6 years of writing professionally, I started mentoring in copywriting and training young people in web writing, copywriting, storytelling and SEO. After several trials, more or less successful collaborations, the establishment of numerous processes and best practice guides, Copywrigting Express was born: a dedicated and verified web writing service, with copywriting and SEO experts behind their keyboards.


Today, hundreds of sales pages, websites and product sheets have been written and optimized by the services of our editors and the figures speak for themselves.

pauline jeannerot web editor

Investing in content is a strategy... 


You can delegate, but you will have to stop inserting copy/paste and low quality content in your site. You can also educate yourself and understand what is at stake with good content in 2021.

If you are one of those people who insert descriptions from AliExpress or copy content found elsewhere, don't use us. 


Professional copywriting is for people who are willing to invest in quality, those who are willing to do whatever it takes to boost their site's traffic and see their sales increase significantly, including stopping putting out content that is too succinct, written by others, poorly written, etc.

If this is what you are looking for, then yes, this service is for you, and you can access it right now:

To each his own. Writing to convert is ours!

Our team of experienced web editors will :

  • Free up your time
  • Provide objective advice 
  • Write a variety of content 
  • Help you quickly launch product pages that convert
  • Perform keyword research on your target market
  • Write optimized sales pages
  • Create a web-optimized title structure that you can simply copy and paste
  • Add value to each paragraph
  • Simplify, harmonize and detail like no other
  • Tell stories that make you want to read them
  • Create a sales tunnel to lead your customers to purchase
  • Rephrase what you have difficulty putting into words 
  • Link, optimize and improve your existing content 
  • Optimize to move up in Google results 
  • Write for search engines and users


Once you have clicked on this button, you will be taken to a secure order form, where you will only need to fill in your details to place your order immediately.

Flowr POWER in action

e-merchants, stop using the default descriptions of your suppliers.

With e-commerce optimized product descriptions, you will be able to:

  • Target the keywords your audience is looking for to help them find your products organically
  • Have consistent, well-structured and grammatically correct product descriptions
  • Clearly display all the features of your product
  • Have a well built structure optimized for SEO and user experience
  • Have enough content to rank in search engines
  • Receive product descriptions with a defined sales funnel and clear calls to action
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Our team uses the best SEO software to examine keywords, long tail keywords, lexical field and even terms used by your competitors to help your store rank better than theirs.

There is no secret in SEO.

your turnover in the long term?

Use a professional web copywriter for your texts, product sheets, sales pages, newsletter and better explain your product to your audience while giving Google all the good stuff it needs.

Choose your offer

Once your order is placed, you just have to fill in the form and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

SEO product sheet

Short description to boost your e-commerce sales
/ sheet
  • 300 to 400 words
  • Keyword search
  • SEO Optimization
  • Writing with Hn tags

Single product

Sell better with the right words
/ sheet
  • 600 to 900 words
  • 1 review
  • Ideal for single products
  • Writing with Hn tags
  • Search for keywords

Sales page

An argument that makes sense
  • A well-constructed and thoughtful sales pitch to support your sales
  • Keyword search
  • SEO Optimization
  • Writing with Hn tags
  • Writing meta tags (title, meta description, url)

Flowr partner

Boost your online sales
per month
  • 10 short product sheets / month
  • Keyword search
  • SEO Optimization
  • Writing with Hn tags

Copywriting Express

Increase your conversion rate with well-written and SEO-optimized product descriptions, sales pages, newsletters and web content with the services of a professional copywriter or web editor!

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They recommend this service.

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Dear Pauline, it is a pleasure to write a few lines about your availability, your skills and your investment in our collaboration, which has lasted for almost four years now. The efficiency of your intervention in the development of my medical activity has been crowned by the pleasure of working with you. The change has been incredible: The existence of my ultrasound practice has been widely publicized and its image enhanced thanks to the creation, optimization and management of my website. Today, my schedule is no longer sufficient to accommodate all the patients who arrive.

Velyne T.

Write to convert

E-commerce professionals
dedicated to the success of your brand

Experts in writing and creating e-commerce product sheets

With over 10 years of experience in e-commerce and SEO optimized content writing, our team has written countless product descriptions for areas as diverse as:

  1. Health, hygiene and safety
  2. Beauty and cosmetics
  3. Kitchen accessories
  4. Interior design
  5. Food and gastronomic products
  6. Technology and electronics
  7. Handicrafts
  8. Sewing and knitting
  9. Car accessories
  10. Digital services
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We are based in Malta and our clients are mainly in Europe & USA.

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