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A website is a showcase for your company's products or services. That's the beauty and the advantage of digital marketing: your offer becomes available everywhere and all the time. Offer your services, sell, give the opportunity to your prospects to contact you, create a service 100 % online ... the magic of the web has no limit but your desires and your ideas, let's go ? 


Strategic Appeal

Understanding your business and its goals is our priority. Through an immersive discovery process, we align on a common mission to lay the groundwork for your brand's digital growth strategy.

Digital strategy

Armed with a deep understanding of your goals, customers and competitors, we develop a website design strategy and create a roadmap for creating engaging digital experiences for your audience.

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Develop your brand's storytelling and set the tone for your digital activities with a human-centered, compelling and future-proof website.


Develop a powerful and efficient website, focused on your goals, using the latest technologies and modern web standards.


Increase your online visibility and generate qualified traffic with a dedicated SEO framework.

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Enhance your website with powerful plug-ins that expand its functionality.


Keep your website healthy and boost your search engine rankings by performing regular updates and maintenance.


Increase your brand awareness and announce your new website to your target audience and loyal customers with a dedicated launch campaign.

It all starts with human contact.

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But by the way, what's the point of having a website? 

A website is a showcase for your company's products or services. They are in free access, at any time. You can also inform them about new products, new collections to offer them more experience.

What are the benefits?

  • Increase your visibility your audience will have quick and easy access to your website without having to search for it
  • Get closer to your audience Now you can learn more about your customers, get information, know them better and offer products that meet their expectations. It strengthens your relationship with your customer who will have more confidence in you
  • Get a better ranking on Google Your audience will be able to find you easily on search engines thanks to site optimization and keyword highlighting. (link to SEO page)
  • Welcoming new prospects Increase your visibility, get more exposure and therefore increase your number of potential customers
  • Develop a brand image With a logo, a color, a slogan, phrases, words, you will build a brand identity and enter the minds of consumers and show your existence
  • Sell, excel, grow : develop your business and save time with our expertise and knowledge

What you will get to see through your website: 

  • How many visitors per month?
  • How long do they stay on your site?
  • What is the bounce rate?
  • Where does the traffic come from? 
  • What are the "hot zones" that people focus on? 
  • Which content performs best?
  • What device are people viewing the site on? Are all pages perfectly adapted to small/medium screens?
  • What are the keywords that allow the site to be found organically?
  • How did the numbers change last month? Last year?

You will have access to all this information and day after day follow the statistics and see your evolution. Indeed, the platform offers a detailed follow-up. Watch your business grow with Wordpress! 

One of the other possible functionalities is the responsive happy. What could be better than a website adapted to all types of screens ? Computer, tablet, smartphone. Being responsive content is no longer a utopia for you now, but a real need.

What kind of websites does Flowr Agency build?

✔️ Websites fully adapted computers, tablets and phones

✔️ One-pagers

✔️ E-commerce sites

✔️ Multi-language site

✔️ Site redesign

✔️ Migration from Wix to WordPress

✔️ Hosting Services

But I don't understand, what is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS a.k.a Content Management System, that is to say a content management system that gives the possibility to edit content by simplifying the formatting of websites. 

WordPress is one of them and to be more precise, it gives you the opportunity to build your own website by meeting your specific needs. It can be a blog, a corporate website, a portfolio, an online store, or many others!

A WordPress website can be based on a template or theme, or it can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Templates can also be modified and adapted to your brand image, without limitation.

 You have the power to manage the content of your page as you wish: create a photo gallery, insert a video, a FAQ section, add call to actions... No more excuses for not having the most beautiful website! 

And, because we know that it's not that easy to get the hang of digital tools, each of our sites comes with a step-by-step guide to managing your website 😉

Flowr Agency website management guide