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WordPress has 2 versions: a paid version dedicated to the creation of blogs and a free version, which requires more technical skills, and without a monthly subscription. We work on the latter. 

All our sites are built on a development server, i.e. a third party server, not linked to your company's domain name.


This allows us to build safely with optimal performance, and in case a live site already exists, we don't have to put a maintenance page during the construction. However, we can put the site on the url of your choice from the beginning with a maintenance page coming soon.

All of our sites come with a custom login dashboard so you can easily access your content and learn how to manage our site. The dashboard also contains links to basic video training, as well as the option to purchase dedicated, a la carte training, trained directly on your site.


Click here to see an example of a custom dashboard


You can also request a 1-hour 1 to 1 training session with split-screen when you sign your quote.

We work with Cloudways, a cloud hosting company that allows us to have a fast site no matter where in the world it is accessed from. The monthly cost is 40 euros, and included in our maintenance package at 90€ per month. You can subscribe to hosting alone or delegate this technical part entirely. In addition to managing your hosting and its renewal, we provide security, backups, updates and bug fixes for our customers who subscribe to a maintenance package.  

We use many paid extensions and plugins acquired over the months and years to build more efficiently and allow for many features. We support all licenses for site building and optimization addons. We also license Elementor Pro, the theme builder used to create attractive, dynamic, all screen size compatible visuals. We pay 1000€ per year for this license and we offer it for the first year when starting a project. The annual renewal cost is 50€ per site.

Legal pages are mandatory and usually appear as links in the footer of your site. 


For a showcase site, you must include a legal notice, a privacy policy and a cookie policy 

For an ecommerce site you should also include shipping information and return policy.


Although not mandatory, many sites also choose to include an FAQ in their footer. 

We take care of the integration of the provided content. 


As part of the GDPR compliance, we automatically generate a dynamic cookie policy based on the cookies collected on your site and can provide you with a sample privacy policy page in French and English for sites destined for France.


As the legislation in force differs from one geographical area to another, we recommend that you call on legal professionals for the drafting of your documents, especially if your site has a varied geographical audience. 


We also work with a specialist who can take care of bringing your site up to standards for specific areas such as Austria or California. 

A newsletter plugin is an email capture form on your website. It offers users to fill in their email address and stores them in a list on the platform of your choice (such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign...)


We widely recommend setting up an email capture:

✔ Email marketing is THE marketing format that converts the most

✔ A list allows you to identify your users and learn more about them

✔ You don't have to set up a newsletter right away, you can for example create a freebie ( = free content for your visitors that offers them value in exchange for their email) in order to build your list of targeted prospects over time and then be able to retarget them when you are ready

✔ A newsletter is a perennial source of traffic to your website and allows you to keep in regular contact with your customers and prospects


The newsletter plugin can be set up, technically and visually configured at the creation of the site but hidden at first according to your wishes. However, we can only recommend that you set it up from the beginning to create a database from the start.

We integrate your content: you are the expert in your field. However, we will guide you step by step in its creation by indicating which elements are essential for an efficient website. 


We also offer content enhancement and writing services based on your needs and affinity for writing!


It is always best to include at least some unique images on your site, however we have an annual subscription to a premium image bank where we can source professional and high quality images for you to illustrate your site.

A keyword is the target query for which you are trying to get your site content to rank on search engines. In simple language, it's what users will type into the search bar to find you. 1 page = 1 main keyword and several secondary and/or long-tail keywords. 


For your site to be well optimized, this keyword must be found in several places on your page, including in your url. In concrete terms, this means writing https://monsite.com/coach-san-francisco rather than https://monsite.com/a-propos,the key word here being coach san francisco. 

The optimization of the urls is done at the time of the construction of the site. In the case of a multilingual site, it is adapted to the language and the target request of each page in the source language.

SEO Boost is a set of actions designed to quickly give visibility to a website. It is an option before going online to start on a good basis and allow search engines to see that the site is of good quality and well-optimized, from its launch. 


The SEO boost involves both on-page SEO (keyword integration, writing optimized and right-sized title and meta tags, alt tags for images), as well as connecting to the right services that will allow the implementation of a long-term SEO strategy later on. The creation and connection of Google services such as Analytics and Search Console will allow to analyze the audience and the performance of each page and each keyword in a precise way, in order to adjust the site thereafter and to see in which direction to go in terms of content to progressively move up in the search results. 


Complementary to a good structural construction of the site, the SEO Boost is a launching action, a boost put in place that not only works on its content creation and its SEO over time but also establishes good foundations.


It is feasible in each language of the site as far as on-page SEO is concerned, and an essential step as far as images are concerned. Technical optimization is common in all languages. However, it is necessary to redo the keyword research for each target language.

No one can promise you the first page of Google, and even less immediately: SEO is a long term work, which is done over time and bears fruit with time. Depending on your sector of activity, the market, your budget and your competitors, you will position yourself more or less quickly. 


Typically, we recommend working on SEO over an initial period of 3 months. We can't guarantee a time frame before the start. Search engine optimization requires a real strategy and takes time and effort to achieve results that are worthwhile. 

In the beginning, we target the right keywords for you to rank for, then we adapt as we go along. Each project is unique, each strategy too!
The advantage is that the results are long-lasting if they are maintained regularly. 

Did you know that page 2 of Google is the best place to hide a corpse? That's why you can't miss a good SEO. Indeed the SEO : 

  • Will make you credible: If your website appears at the top, it means that you have gained the trust of Google so you can more easily gain the trust of your audience.  
  • It is your main source of traffic: choosing the right keywords will generate targeted and qualified traffic. 
  • Google rewards quality, putting the user first. Having a well-ranked website means that you have thought about your content, your ergonomics and your loading time for both search engines and users. A good ranking is therefore often a guarantee of a better user experience.
  • SEO is about the long term: You just have to apply good basic practices, (we are here to help you) and the results will grow and allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. 


A good SEO strategy can take you from zero to a hundred and get you where you want to be!

It is essential to regularly update your site to keep it active and to engage new prospects.
A good website should have up-to-date information and content. In addition, Google regularly visits your site and compares the updated content with what was there before. A modified and well-maintained site gains in quality in the eyes of Google!

A website requires theme and extension updates. If you don't do them, your site will quickly become obsolete and some elements will no longer display correctly. 


We recommend making technical updates as well as content updates on a monthly basis to ensure that the site is functioning properly and that it is moving up in the search results. 

It is important to post regularly to stay active and provide value, share company news and keep your audience informed.
However, there are no precise figures in terms of publication frequency.

  • Facebook: One to two posts per day, during the day. Posts are seen during office breaks.
  • Instagram: Once or twice a day: Wednesdays are the best day for engagement on instagram! Post in the evening, subscribers usually check in on their mobiles in the evening. 
  • LinkedIn: At least twice a week. 
  • Blog posts: About two posts per week. 


The important thing is to post enough to stay visible and not to be forgotten, but not to post too much to avoid boring your audience.


We generally recommend a minimum of 3 posts per week on Instagram with 3 stories per day, 3 Facebook and Linkedin posts per week and 1-2 blog posts per month. 


Depending on its size, the use or not of a template and its technical specificities, your website will take more or less time to create. A one-page website plus the legal pages, optimized for SEO and compliant with GDPR standards can be created in one to two weeks, a showcase site with ten pages in a month, and a large multilingual or e-commerce site in two to three months. 

Working with Flowr is above all a human adventure. It means choosing proximity, transparency and efficiency. We are used to coaching each of our clients over the long term.
The Flowr team is attentive, flexible and fully bilingual.
Having traveled all over the world, we have a great open mind and understanding of the French, American and European market. 

Good mood, productivity and passion are what will make your projects come to life with Flowr! 

This is the Roadmap of youryour project.

Phase 1

  • Validation of the proposal
  • Initial payment
  • Implementation of project management
  • Request for content, documents and access

Phase 2

  • Installation of the test hosting and WordPress
  • Setting up the theme and parameters
  • Setting up the colors and the menu
  • Header and footer design 
  • Home page design
  • Validation meeting

Phase 3

  • Development of internal pages and design variations 
  • Integration of finalized and delivered content at project launch 
  • Visual feedback via Markup.io 
  • Validation meeting

Phase 4

  • GDPR compliance
  • Responsive adaptation of the pages to all screen sizes
  • Validation meeting

Phase 5

  • Test
  • Debugging
  • On line

We offer video training to teach you how to work on your website independently. If you wish, at the signature of the contract, we can set up a personalized space on your site in which you will be able to find videos to guide you step by step in the modification and the evolution of your site. 


You can see an example of a custom WordPress dashboard here : 



If you want us to work on your website, we have maintenance packages or hourly services.


In case of urgent intervention, an emergency & weekend surcharge is applied. 

When your site is put online, we will provide you with your login and password that will allow you to access the administrator area. 


We will also make a short and simple video to guide you through your first steps to get online.

Your website and your content belong to you. You retain all rights to the content developed for you.


Flowr Agency keeps the copyright on all the documents and guides generated and can therefore reuse these documents according to Flowr Agency's needs.

The first reflex when you are looking for something is to look for it on the Internet. That's why it is essential to have a website. It is an essential investment and even more so today!  


Some thoughts on whether you need a website: 


  1. Your website is an investment, not an expense. It will allow you to better communicate with your audience and get more appointments, more requests for quotes and make online sales.
  2. It is a showcase available at all times and accessible from anywhere.
  3. A website allows you to update your information easily.
  4. It is also a source of information for your prospects, patients or customers who would like to know more about you, your services or your products. 
  5. A well-referenced site will allow you to have an ever-growing clientele.
  6. Your website allows you to stay in touch with your customers in a certain way: thanks to frequent updates you are always connected with your audience.
  7. Your credibility will be enhanced by an online presence.
  8. A website allows you to improve your customer service, to create proximity and to be more reactive to requests.
  9. The statistics you collect via your website will allow you to better understand the behavior and expectations of your customers. 

Your logo is the mirror of your brand image. It allows everyone to identify you at a glance. We help you to create a logo that suits you and will speak to your audience, step by step. 

  1. Numbered graphic proposals and research (between 10 and 15 proposals)
  2. Preselection of logos (up to 3)
  3. Second phase of revisions: Refinement of the graphic identity, typography and adjustment of the colors and logo.
  4. Export to the desired formats (svg, png, jpg, eps).
  5. Creation of a complete logo graphic charter (color logo, black and white logo, positive logo, negative logo, favicon). Delivery in pdf file for use on your various media.
  6. Delivery (with source file).

The graphic identity enhances your brand and allows you to build an easily identifiable universe. A strong visual identity allows to mark the spirits and to differentiate from the others. 

The creation of the visual identity includes: 

  • Choice of colours
  • Font identification
  • The icons

Delivery of a graphic charter in pdf format or online for your future use.

The visual identity of your company is the vector of your brand and your message. It must be in line with your values and your positioning and consistent across all your communication media.

The establishment of an estimate is free.

When you call us, you tell us about your project and your needs, and we help you draw up the broad outlines of the specifications. 

From there, we will send you a first quotation adapted to your needs. 

We accept payment by :

  • Bank transfer
  • Blue card
  • Paypal

No, you don't need to prepare the content of your site before the first contact, we are also here to guide you on what you will need to provide us for an efficient, beautiful, well referenced and well built site. 


 However, you will be asked to prepare your content at the start of the project for efficiency. You will share the content and images you want to use in a Google Drive so we can build without having to bother you.

All our websites are responsive: they are designed and developed to adapt to all screen resolutions. 


Your website will therefore be available on computer, smartphone and tablet.


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