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Bugs, crashes, risky updates, and viruses bugging you? We'll take care of it!


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Security, necessary updates, bugs, small broken things... We monitor your site to avoid bad surprises.


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Recipients of a WordPress maintenance package are given priority in processing and resolving requests. Quickly done, well done!

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Punctual maintenance & bug fixing

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1 year commitment, or 720€.

Flowr maintenance package

Support & Maintenance of your websites

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WordPress maintenance #GROW


1 year commitment, or 1080€.

Flowr maintenance package

Support & Maintenance of your websites

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Frequently asked questions.

I want to build my website alone but I don't know how to subscribe and install my hosting, can you help me?

We can help you with your hosting subscription, domain name attachment and WordPress installation. 

Is maintenance mandatory?

You are in no way obliged to subscribe to maintenance. Nevertheless, websites evolve and so do the tools they are built with. These extension updates sometimes create incompatibilities that "break" things on websites. If you are not comfortable with test updates, managing a development environment, or managing hosting, we recommend that you call on technical experts to avoid breaking your site. 

Which host do you work with? What is the monthly cost of hosting alone?
Do you offer to do WordPress maintenance on sites you didn't build?

Yes, we can take over a website built by others. We start by performing a preliminary audit on your WordPress installation to determine the structure and tools used and to see to what extent we can help you. 

Help ! My WordPress site has a virus!

Oops! You are a victim of hackers and your website does not display correctly anymore! Don't panic, we can help you! Cleaning the database, uninstalling and disinfecting the site, we can help you!

I want to subscribe to a WordPress maintenance package, where do I start?

You can subscribe to the offer that suits you and make a payment online above. We will contact you to ask for the accesses to your site if we don't have them already 😉

I have multiple WordPress sites, can we work something out? 😏

We are of course always open to discussion! And we know about small-scale business 😉

How quickly are the changes made?

We process requests within 48 hours working day. Small changes are done within a day, a virus-ridden site or a long list of tasks may take a little longer. If you have an urgent request, please let us know in the support form so that it can be processed first.

I still want changes, how does it work?

With the Grow maintenance package, you get one hour of free editing and content creation per month. At the end of the month, we check with you that you want to implement the changes and we get to work! Any out of scope changes will be charged at the hourly rate of 60€.

Is your maintenance offer without obligation?

A maintenance policy only makes sense if it is carried out over the long term, which is why we ask you to subscribe for one year, renewable. It is the monitoring and the regular modifications which guarantee the longevity of your site.

Are your WordPress maintenance packages tacitly renewable?

As long as you do not notify us that you wish to terminate your WordPress maintenance package, we will continue to monitor and protect your site, as well as be available for any support requests on your site. If you wish to terminate your maintenance contract, simply send us an email at

Need assistance ?

You have a request super mega supra urgent?

Please contact us so that it can be treated as a priority.

Or book directly a video call with us!