Long-term digital support that adapts to your your needs.

A daily digital partner for sustainable growth. 

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All the advantages of a versatile in-house marketing team, without the high costs and complications!

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Who is it for?

Companies looking for digital, technical and marketing skills on a long-term basis. Our mission: to accompany you on a daily basis.

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How do you do it?

A versatile team for turnkey service: graphic designer, developer, webdesigner, editor, SEO ... Your needs centralized in one place. 

Hiring an internal marketing team is difficult, expensive and frustrating.

The salary of a marketing director varies from 4 000 to 13 000? per month. Add a copywriter, an SEO specialist, a graphic designer or a web developer and your marketing budget explodes. Add in hardware, software, social charges? and your marketing team will easily cost you 300 000? per year!

You could use freelancers according to your needs but you don't necessarily know where to find them, you will have to coordinate everything (and cross your fingers that they know how to communicate).

There is every chance that at the end of the year :

  • You are exhausted 
  • Half of the projects were not completed
  • Your actions are not well coordinated
  • You have the impression that you have been transformed into a digital project manager? even though this is not your core business

Don't lose hope, there is a solution !

You can have a strong year-round marketing team that knows your business and your needs for as little as $1000? per month.

A daily digital partner, who pilots, coordinates, orchestrates and reports so that you can focus on YOUR business!

+ visibility

A controlled and coordinated strategy, clear reports so that nothing is missed.

+ Actions

The strength of a well-oiled team to move forward.

+ Tools

We invest, you benefit.

+ time

Just tell us where you want to go.

A marketing support to long run.

Find out how we helped Audrey

audrey keita the funky fresh project

Flowr took care of my eshop and gave it a second life. - Audrey, The Funky Fresh Project

A new website, SEO, writing product sheets, taking over the Instagram account, graphic design, writing ... For a year Flowr accompanies Audrey and her 2 businesses.

+ Content writing
+ Ecommerce website
+ SEO referencing
+ Social networks
+ New graphic identity
+ Training

case study flowr agency the funky fresh project

The solutions #PLAY

Experts at the disposal of your growth

As a #Play client, you will have access to our entire digital marketing team, which consists of the following departments:

audit seo social networks site

Marketing strategy

We develop digital marketing strategies that work for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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A new brand image, a new voice, a new positioning... We help you reinvent yourself.

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A brand new custom website, designed from scratch, modernized, optimized, and designed to convert.

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Content for your website, white papers, blog articles... Our pen becomes your pen.

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A long term work to conquer the first positions of Google, essential to be found by your prospects.

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Social networks

A reliable strategy that increases your brand awareness, drives traffic to your site and creates (real) engagement.

video editing


You want to feed your Youtube channel or create videos for your website? We take care of the editing, the inlays, the referencing and the publication! 

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A successful website is a website that evolves! Save time by entrusting us with content creation, maintenance and bug fixing.

Free yourself

of time of the mental space from strike force from resources

The details.

(And where to start)

Our #Play coaching starts at 1000 Euros per month. Your budget determines how much work we can do for you and how quickly we can complete your tasks so you get the results you want.

To get off to a good start, we ask all of our clients to complete an advanced marketing audit before we begin the implementation work. Find out what you need, schedule a free call with us.

You already know what you need? That's fine, let's start !

To put it simply, we'll take care of your marketing ToDo's for you.

Focus on your core business (or sleep, rest, spend time with family...), your marketing is in good hands.

They recommend us

Your dedicated marketing team .

Your team is composed of a group of marketing experts, each in their key field. Carefully selected, they bring experience and skills to your service. They accompany small businesses and growing independents on a daily basis to help them develop their customer base and generate revenue. 

We could tell you for hours why we have a great team, but we'll let you discover it.

Ready to set up a strong, sustainable, controlled marketing strategy and delegate ?