Create an online business (that works)

... What if we told you that it was possible to master your online presence by learning all the best practices to generate revenue and establish effective and optimized communication? 


To acquire the right tools and implement effective strategies from the start with the support and good advice of experts. A step by step guidance with advice and training to create your online business.

Who is it for?

Young entrepreneurs, self-employed, ambitious employees, profiles in reconversion, freelancers, e-merchants and freelancers.

Anyone with the desire to learn, train and master their digital strategy.

How do you do it?

Join a community of entrepreneurs in the midst of launching your business and get advice from peers and experts on a daily basis. Follow step-by-step guides and training to implement your strategy at your own pace, and according to your needs.

and start your online business!

Everyone tells you about creating an online business, generating passive income, dropshipping, becoming an influencer... and blah blah blah. What they don't tell you is that making money on the internet: it's simple to understand, but it's not easy to do. That's why we decided to accompany you in order to share our experience and to train you according to your needs on specific actions to put in place to get your first customers.

+ personalized advice

To know exactly where you are going.

+ Exclusive training courses

Training and tutorials that have already paid off.

+ Tools and templates

Resources dedicated to your needs.

+ sharing and assitance

Time freed up to focus on your business.

🤔 Preconceived Idea #1

"Digital is not for me"

You don't even know where to start,

You think you'll never make it,

That you don't know which tools to use,

That you'll get stuck,

That you will never succeed in doing what you want.

We won't lie to you...

You don't become a webmaster, graphic designer or SEO overnight.

We went to school

We have over 10 years of experience

We are still learning every day

Sometimes we pull our hair out

Are you already feeling discouraged?

Wait, read on!

Thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies are trained daily to support digitalization and promote their products and services!.... And we have already helped a number of them to go digital!
🤔 Preconceived idea #2

I can succeed without a digital presence

A website in 2021 is your 1990 paper brochure.

Your Insta account is your business card with the edges all messed up.

A Facebook page is the essential flyer that you send in 2500 copies to print.

A Google My Business listing the plate you were having installed (but on which it was quite complicated to change the times 😉 ).

The numbers speak for themselves

  • There are 1.78 billion websites in the world (2020 data)
  • Two thirds of VSEs and SMEs have a website
  • 92 % of small businesses consider their online presence to be essential to the development and growth of their business.

😱 34 % of entrepreneurs don't create a website, because they think it's too expensive for them! 😱

Creating an online business, whether you have a physical presence or not, simply allows you to be in the air of time: today a company without a digital presence misses out on many opportunities and lacks credibility with its audience (even if you sell incontinence diapers for the 70+, yes, yes, I promise)! 

In 2023, in France...🇫🇷

monthly unique users on Google.
h 16
Average daily screen time of 15-24 year olds!
h 25
Average daily time spent on the internet.
monthly unique users on Facebook and Youtube.

That's a lot of opportunities...😏

🤔 Preconceived idea #3

Creating an online business is complicated

Creating an online business is not complicated: it's hard work, perseverance, good ideas, and, above all, it's knowing where to go to avoid mistakes.

Too often, we don't know what is a priority, where to start.

We try, we think we are doing well. 

We want to do everything ourselves, quickly and well.

Without training, without skills, without help. 

That's often where it doesn't work. 

All you need is the right support:







Get a solid foundation to get started and create an online business.

Take action!

Valuable tools and advice from experts to give you the keys to create a successful online business.

group facebook marketing flowr agency Start 2024

A support group

SEO, website, social networks... Knowing exactly where you stand to decide where to go in an informed way.

37 approve checked simple outline Start 2024

Free resources to progress

Step-by-step advice from experts on all aspects of digital marketing. 

icone digital marketing training

Personalized training

Do you want a new look? The code of web design and graphic design evolves quickly... and so do you!

1021 rules outline Start 2024

Help to start a company

You have the idea, know the sector, the market... But don't know where to start? Not a big fan of paperwork, want some guidance to know exactly where to go? 

success Start 2024

1&1 Mentoring

Do you have a specific problem, an identified gap, or do you need someone to take you by the hand?

Book a dedicated time with an expert who will guide you, step by step, via videocall to help you acquire a key skill.

clock Start 2024

Templates to save time

A brand new custom website, designed from scratch, modernized, optimized, and designed to convert.