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Diagrams (formerly draw.io) is a free online flowcharting and diagramming application.

Why use Diagrams ?

Diagrams is an online diagramming software that facilitates data and process visualization. It is particularly useful in the fields of business, education and research.

Diagrams offers a variety of templates and shapes to create diagrams of all types, such as flow charts, organization charts, Gantt charts and Venn diagrams. The software is easy to use and allows you to customize diagrams by changing the color, size and shape of the elements.

Diagrams also has many collaborative features that make teamwork more efficient. Users can work on a diagram in real time with others, add comments and track change history.

In addition, Diagrams is compatible with many file formats, making it easy to integrate into other work tools. The software is available online and can be used on any device connected to the Internet.

In summary, Diagrams is a handy tool for creating and sharing diagrams effectively. It is easy to use and offers many collaborative features that make it a popular choice for professionals and teachers.

Key benefits of Diagrams

It allows to visualize a system in an interactive and dynamic way.


Free online application for creating flowcharts and diagrams

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