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Why use Github?

Github is a web service for hosting and managing software development, which was created in 2008. It is used by millions of developers and companies around the world.

Github is based on a versioning system called Git, which is an open source system. This means that the source code is freely available, and can be modified by anyone. This allows developers to work on the same project, without having to worry about version conflict issues.

Github provides developers with access to development and collaboration tools. Developers can create "repositories" or "repos" to store their code, and share it with other developers. Developers can also use tools such as testing platforms and continuous integration tools to verify and improve code.

Github is also very useful for collaborating with other people. Developers can invite other developers to contribute to their project, and give them "collaboration rights". This allows developers to work together on the same project, and help others solve problems and improve their code.

Github also offers tools to manage projects, such as "issues" or "tickets". Developers can assign tasks to specific people, and track the status of tasks. Developers can also discuss their code and project via pull requests or merge requests.


Collaboration: Github allows developers to work together on projects and share their code. It provides tools to facilitate communication and coordination between developers.
Version management: Github allows developers to create and track versions of their code, making it easier to upgrade, test and maintain.


The world's leading software development platform
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