#API and data

Mirage JS

Build, test and demonstrate your JavaScript application without an API.

Why use Mirage JS ?

Mirage JS is a development tool that allows you to create HTTP server mocks for web applications. It is particularly useful during the development phase, as it allows you to test the application without having to depend on an API or backend during development.

Mirage JS is based on Node.js and uses Express, a popular HTTP framework for creating server mocks. It is easy to use and offers simple syntax for defining server routes and responses. Mirage JS also allows you to define test cases, which is useful for simulating different conditions and verifying that the application works properly in these cases.

One of the advantages of Mirage JS is that it can be used with any front-end framework, like React or Angular. This means that you can continue to use your favorite framework for UI development, while taking advantage of the power of Mirage JS to simulate a server.

Mirage JS is also very useful when performing automated tests. Indeed, it is possible to configure Mirage JS to respond precisely to each HTTP request, which allows for more reliable testing of the application.

In summary, Mirage JS is a handy tool for web developers who want to create HTTP server mocks in a quick and easy way. It is especially useful for automated testing and can be used with any front-end framework.


Mirage JS provides a dynamic and responsive view of how your application interacts with data, allowing you to test your application with real data.
Mirage JS is lightweight and easy to use, allowing developers to create simulation APIs quickly and easily.


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