Startup Landing Templates

Free landing page templates powered by React, following JS and Gatsby JS

Why use Startup Landing Templates?

Startup Landing Templates is a landing page creation software for startups. It allows you to quickly create a professional web page for your business using a predefined template.

The software is easy to use and does not require any coding knowledge. You can select one of the many templates provided and customize your page by adding content and changing colors and fonts. You can also add images and videos to make your page more attractive.

Once your page is created, you can publish it on the Internet with just one click. Startup Landing Templates also offers you the possibility to track the performance of your page with integrated tracking tools.

The software is especially useful for startups that don't have the time or means to create a professional web page from scratch. With Startup Landing Templates, you can create a quality page in record time and focus on what really matters: growing your business.


Get a fast and attractive online presence that showcases your business.
The templates come with additional features, such as contact forms, calendars, galleries, etc.


Free landing page templates powered by React
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