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Why use Storytale?

Storytale is a mobile application that focuses on storytelling and legends for children. It was designed by an independent developer, who specializes in developing games and content for children.

The Storytale app features kid-friendly stories and legends with colorful characters, fun animations and interactive stories. The stories are told using text, images and sounds. Children can also interact with the characters and stories using gestures and voice commands.

This application is designed to help children develop their imagination and creativity. It is easy to use and allows children to immerse themselves in engaging stories. Kids can take part in adventures with fun characters, and explore entire worlds filled with stories.

Storytale is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It is available for all Android and iOS devices, and also works on tablets. Users can choose to purchase additional tales and legends within the app, and most tales are available in multiple languages.

The Storytale app offers a wide range of tales and legends to explore, and is designed to entertain and educate children. Parents can be sure their children are safe with the app's built-in safety controls.

Storytale is a fun and creative application that helps children develop their imagination and creativity. It's a great way to give them access to captivating tales and legends, and provide an interactive and entertaining experience.


Storytale provides powerful tools to create interactive stories with an intuitive and simple interface.
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Use these illustrations to bring your sites to life
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