landing page optimization

Segmentation and re-targeting tips, landing page optimization.

Use multiple calls to action to segment your lists and better target:

Create segmented audience lists on your landing pages and better target your audience.

 ➡️ Let's say you have a freeby on your page where you give a list of the best plugins to have on your site to optimize it, a newsletter signup and a discount code for your social media package.

People who sign up for each of these offers are actually interested in different products.

The first person is looking to boost their website, the second wants to follow what you're doing and the third is interested in your social media management service.

By subscribing them to your mailing list from different locations, you can have an automatic tag applied to each group. 

✔️ This way, you send relevant content EVERY TIME.

✔️ This way, you can keep engaging your audience on things that interest them. 

✔️ This way you can continue to provide value until you convert to a sale.

People with low conversion rates forget one thing:

When someone comes to your page, they may not buy or register the first time they come, maybe they will come back once, twice.... This doesn't mean they aren't interested, it just means they are in search mode or have been interrupted.

For some reason,

  • they didn't call you,
  • they did not take any action.
  • It's the end of the world,
  • or not 

➡️ With retargeting, Facebook pixel, Google analytics and some growth hacking tools, you can track them and make sure they continue to see the message you want on social media and wherever they go online.

You will stay in the corner of their mind and they will think of you when they are ready to take action. They'll go back to the landing page and convert, and that's when you'll see the increase in conversion rates over time.