How to write a killer instagram bio

How do you write a killer Instagram bio?

Want to write THE Instagram bio?
Leverage your Instagram bio by making it EFFECTIVE to attract more followers and sales to your account!

Here are some practical tips to make your Instagram bio AMAZING:

✅ Your biography should describe who you are, your personality, your activity and your added value: what you bring to your target and what differentiates you from your competition
✅ It should be airy, skip lines
✅ Don't hesitate to use emojis
✅ Add a hashtag to your profile name related to your activity (This will appear in search results on Instagram! You'll get more visibility and it may encourage new people to visit your account)

To write a killer Instagram bio, don't forget these elements:

👉 Company/account name
👉 Category 👉What you do / who you are / who you help / how and where you help them / why you are unique or better than others to accompany your target
👉 What makes you different (and therefore better)
👉 What value you bring
👉 Brand Hashtag
👉 Call to action 😊 what you want users to do / a clear incentive to act)
👉 Link to your website (can be modified regularly as needed, can be adapted by publication)
👉 Address (appears automatically)

Last advice for the road...

✅ Don't lose sight of your main objective which is to SELL! Get your visitors' attention and encourage them to click on the link in your biography or to contact you in DM 😊
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Now that you have a great Instagram bio, read on for all about searching for hashtags on Instagram 😊