RGPD compliance

Top WordPress plugins for RGPD compliance.

Here is a set of favorites for us :)?

They are not exhaustive and must be properly implemented to be compliant. ?

?. The ???? ????????? ?? ????????

This plugin is amazing and allows you to do a lot of things in a very intuitive way and in a few clicks:

?? Allow your visitors to view, export and delete their personal data automatically?

?? Configure the plugin to delete or anonymize personal data automatically or send a notification and allow admins to do it manually?

?? Track, manage and withdraw consent?

?? Generate a GDPR-compliant privacy policy template for your site?

?? Create a cookie banner to inform your visitors that you are collecting their data and collect their consent?

?. ??????? ???? ? + ?????????

Easy form building and GDPR compliant data storage?

?? Creation of RGPD compliant contact forms

?? Store all entries?


?. ??????????

A great option to ensure the security of your website?

?? Firewall and malware scanner to protect your WordPress? website

?? Protection against attacks by limiting connection attempts?

?? Malware Scanner checks base files, themes and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections?

?? monitors attempts to visit and hack?


?. ??????????

Protect your website from spam and abuse with Recaptcha?

?? Stop bots and automated spammy messages?

?? Detect abusive traffic on your website without any friction for the user?

?. ??? 

A simple plugin to automatically detect your settings and configure your website to work in https?

?? Activate SSL in one click!?

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