We help our clients grow their businesses. We try to be part of their business and meet their needs. Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients achieve their goals.

Talk To Books

Talk To Books.

A new way to explore ideas and discover books. Make a statement or ask a question to browse passages from books using experimental AI.


Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high quality content, in just seconds, at a fraction of the cost!


Detecting AI-written text in essays and emails. Their analysis is based on a combination of Open AI's existing Roberta base model for GPT detection and our own proprietary models.

Pixela AI.

Game textures generated by AI. All these images were generated with a stable diffusion algorithm. Upload your generated texture to share it with the community!

Profile Picture AI.

Create your perfect profile picture with AI. Your profile picture is the first thing people see when they view your profile. We use artificial intelligence to generate a picture of you that looks perfect and captures who you are. You can be anything, anywhere or anyone!

Arxiv Feed.

An easily searchable feed of AI research articles from Arxiv. Updated regularly. is a non-profit research group focused on deep learning and artificial intelligence. They have several useful courses on their website.

Chatty Cat.

Ask any question, chat with voice messages and request images from AI on WhatsApp.

AI Data Sidekick.

Write SQL code, documentation and more 10x faster with our powerful recipe collection. Free for individuals and small teams.


The work table without code