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Andi is a search for the next generation using generative AI. Instead of just links, Andi gives you answers, like talking to a smart friend.

Why use Andi ?

Andi is a software platform that provides streamlined workflow management, collaboration and communication. With Andi, you can create and manage complex processes, connect to third-party applications, and securely share information. Andi enables organizations to create workflows for their business processes and manage them with metrics and dashboards. Users can create workflows and business processes using predefined templates or by building their own workflows. Templates can be customized to the users' needs and are easily modified and reused. Users can connect third-party applications to Andi and share information between them. Workflows can also be configured to send notifications and reminders to relevant users. Andi provides robust security and powerful analytics to enable users to monitor and manage their workflows and maintain a high quality of service.

Key benefits of Andi

Workflows can also be configured to send notifications and reminders to relevant users.



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