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Why use Glitch?

Glitch is an online software that allows developers to create web applications quickly and easily. Launched in 2017, it has quickly gained popularity due to its ease of use and many advanced features.

The main advantage of Glitch is its simplicity. The software features a built-in code editor that allows users to develop their application directly in the browser. There is no need to install any software or configure anything on the user's computer. All you need is a Glitch account and a web browser.

In addition to the code editor, Glitch also offers a series of tools to simplify application development. For example, there is a built-in "console" that allows developers to test code live and quickly resolve errors. There is also a "file manager" that makes it easy to manage application files.

Another interesting feature of Glitch is its online community. Users can share their code and collaborate with other developers on common projects. This can be especially useful for beginners looking to learn web development and get help when they run into problems.

In addition to all these features, Glitch is also very easy to use. The software is designed to be accessible to developers of all levels, whether they are beginners or experts. Getting started is quick and there are plenty of online resources to help users learn how to use the software.

In summary, Glitch is an outstanding online software for web developers. It offers ease of use, an advanced set of tools, and an online community to help developers create web applications quickly and easily. If you are a web developer or want to get started in development, Glitch is a great choice.


Ease of use: Glitch is designed to be easy to use, with simple and intuitive tools that allow developers to create web applications and services in minutes.
Fast deployment: Glitch allows developers to deploy web applications and services in seconds, without having to manage the server or the hosting server.


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