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Discover Useful New AI Tools is a platform designed to help users discover the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools. This platform allows users to explore a wide range of AI tools, including machine learning, data analysis, computer vision, and speech recognition tools. By searching this platform, users can find detailed information about specific tools, including information about their availability and functionality. The platform also provides users with information about different categories of AI tools and links to relevant sources. Users can also search for information on AI tools by topic and compare them. Finally, the platform offers how-to guides to help users find AI tools that are right for their needs and learn how to use them.

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the platform offers practical guides to help users find AI tools adapted to their needs and learn how to use them.


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#email assistant
AI-powered email inbox. Predicts to automatically sort important emails based on behavioral patterns, lets you set reminders and stick to them. Adds open rate tracking + undeliverable feature.
#Project management
ASCII Tree Generator allows you to create and visualize your folder structure for your projects using simple drag and drop. In ASCII format, save your tree structure in your documentation.
#assistant code
Replit has recently added a feature called Ghostwriter that uses AI to complete code. Write and run code in over 50 languages in your browser with Replit, a powerful IDE, compiler and interpreter.
#Motion design
The perfect package for all 3D artists who want to achieve breathtaking results quickly and without hassle.
Calculate expert-level answers using Wolfram's revolutionary algorithms, knowledge base, and artificial intelligence technology. Geared towards math, science and technology, society and culture, and everyday life topics.
ColorSlurp is a macOS app. Select any color on your screen with the eyedropper and get the color code. Create and edit your colors and organize them in collections.
Grâce à l'intelligence artificielle, WP Generator est un outil de création de contenu qui permet de générer du contenu automatisé rapidement et facilement sur wordpress, tout en économisant du temps et de l'argent.

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