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Why use Fastmail?

Fastmail is an online email service that was launched in 1999. Since then, it has gained popularity due to its advanced security features and ease of use.

One of the main advantages of Fastmail is its security. The service uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect user data when transmitting emails. In addition, it has several security measures to protect users' accounts from hacking attempts.

Fastmail also offers a wide variety of features to help manage your emails. It has a message sorting and tagging system, making it easy to sort and organize one's emails. The service also offers the ability to create email aliases, which allows the user to receive emails under different names, without having to create new accounts.

In addition to its email features, Fastmail also offers calendar and task management tools. The calendar allows you to plan and schedule events and appointments, while the task management allows you to track the progress of projects and create to-do lists.

Fastmail is also available on multiple platforms, including desktops, mobile devices and tablets. The service offers apps for iOS and Android, as well as a web-based version that can be used on any device connected to the Internet.

In summary, Fastmail is a reliable and secure email service, offering many features to help manage your emails and tasks. Available on many platforms, it is easy to use and offers an excellent user experience.


Very easy to use interface: Fastmail has a very intuitive interface, which makes the process of setting up and maintaining your account much easier.
Advanced Features: Fastmail offers advanced features such as contact management, advanced message filtering configuration, synchronization with mobile devices, instant messaging and support for IMAP and POP protocols.


Plans start at 3 $ per month. Free 30 day trial. All the control and features you love without scary survei...
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