Mix - & - People Illustrations with a design library

Why use Humaaans ?

Humaaans is a user interface design kit created by Pablo Stanley, a designer from Los Angeles. The kit was designed to help designers create human character illustrations quickly and easily.

The Humaaans kit includes a wide variety of body parts and accessories that designers can combine to create unique illustrations of human characters. Body parts include heads, arms, legs and trunks, while accessories include hats, glasses, mustaches and tattoos. All of these elements are available in different colors, allowing designers to create characters that reflect the diversity of the real population.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Humaaans kit is that it is fully vector-based, which means that illustrations created with the kit can be enlarged or shrunk without loss of quality. This makes it a particularly useful tool for designers working on projects where they need to create character illustrations at different sizes.

The Humaaans kit is available on the Pablo Stanley website, where it can be purchased for personal or professional use. There is also a free version of the kit, which includes a limited number of body parts and accessories, but is still useful for those who just want to try the kit.

In addition to its usefulness for UI designers, the Humaaans kit is also very popular with marketing and advertising designers, who use it to create character illustrations for advertising campaigns and marketing materials.

In conclusion, the Humaaans kit is an incredibly useful tool for designers looking to quickly and easily create high-quality human character illustrations. Its wide variety of body parts and accessories, as well as its ease of use, make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to add character illustrations to their design projects.

Key benefits of Humaaans

Humaaans illustrations are available in vector formats and can be easily resized without loss of quality.


Mix - & - People Illustrations with a design library

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