PatternPad offers unlimited unique pattern designs that match your style.

Why use PatternPad ?

PatternPad is an online tool that makes it easy to create and share sewing patterns. It is especially useful for beginner sewers or professionals who want to create new patterns quickly without having to use complex or expensive software.

One of the main advantages of PatternPad is its ease of use. Simply select the desired pattern sizes, draw the basic shapes on a grid and assemble them to create the final pattern. PatternPad also offers a wide range of drawing tools to help create complex sewing patterns, such as curved lines, measuring tools and alignment guides.

PatternPad is also very useful for collaboration. Users can share their patterns with others, who can then make changes or suggestions. This can be especially useful for sewers working in teams on a complex sewing project.

PatternPad is also great for people who want to create sewing patterns for their own use. Once the pattern is created, it is easy to print and cut out to create the final pattern. PatternPad also offers the ability to download the pattern as a PDF file, which can be very useful for people who prefer to work on a computer rather than on paper.

In summary, PatternPad is a useful online tool for beginners or professional sewers who want to create sewing patterns quickly and easily. It is simple to use, offers many drawing tools and is ideal for team collaboration.

Key benefits of PatternPad

Saving projects for later use.


PatternPad offers unlimited unique pattern designs that match your style.

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