Calendly is an online appointment scheduling tool that allows users to schedule meetings, virtual meetings, and interviews using a personalized online calendar. It allows users to set availability, durations, and types of events, and to share their calendar with others. Calendly also offers customization options, integrations with other tools and email notifications for upcoming events.

Why use Calendly?

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software that allows users to easily schedule and synchronize their appointments with clients, colleagues and friends. This software is especially useful for freelance professionals, businesses and organizations that need to schedule many appointments every week.

Calendly offers many features to facilitate the scheduling of appointments. For example, users can create a unique appointment link that can be shared with their customers or colleagues. When someone clicks on this link, they can choose a time slot that suits their availability and Calendly will automatically synchronise this schedule with the user's calendar. Moreover, Calendly offers the possibility to define available time slots, appointment duration limits, unavailability periods and appointment repetitions, which allows users to better control their schedule.

Calendly is also integrated with many other productivity tools, such as Google Calendar, Outlook and Salesforce, making it even easier to synchronize appointments. In addition, Calendly offers a basic free version as well as several paid plans with additional features, such as the ability to schedule appointments using custom questions or advanced appointment scheduling forms.

In short, Calendly is a convenient and easy-to-use online appointment scheduling tool that allows users to synchronize their appointments with clients, colleagues and friends efficiently. Whether you're an independent professional or a busy business, Calendly can help you better manage your schedule and stay organized.


Calendly is easy to use and configure, which makes it an ideal tool for people who do not have much computer knowledge.
It is possible to synchronize the Calendly calendar with other calendars, which allows users to manage several calendars at the same time.


Calendly is an online appointment scheduling tool that allows users to schedule meetings
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