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The intuitive and powerful project management platform loved by software teams of all sizes.

Why use Shortcut ?

Shortcut is a keyboard shortcut management software that allows users to easily customize and manage keyboard shortcuts on their computer.

The software is especially useful for advanced users who often use keyboard shortcuts to quickly access various computer functions. It is also useful for users who want to simplify their work by creating shortcuts for repetitive tasks.

With Shortcut, users can create new shortcuts or modify existing ones with a few mouse clicks. They can also assign shortcuts to specific applications or files, allowing them to quickly access these items without having to navigate through the computer's menus.

The software also offers a profile management feature that allows users to create and manage different sets of shortcuts according to their needs. This feature is especially useful for users who use different applications or who regularly move from one computer to another.

In addition to its ease of use, Shortcut is also highly customizable. Users can choose their own theme and customize the look and feel of the interface to suit their preferences.

In summary, Shortcut is a useful program for those who want to simplify their work using keyboard shortcuts and who want to have better control over their computer's shortcuts. Thanks to its ease of use and advanced customization, it has become a popular tool for many users.

Key benefits of Shortcut

Precision: keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform actions with high precision and accuracy.


The intuitive and powerful project management platform loved by software teams of all sizes.

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