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Why use Tippy ?

Tippy is a mobile app that allows users to electronically tip servers and workers in the restaurant industry. The app launched in 2020 and quickly gained popularity due to its ease of use and mission to support restaurant industry workers, who have been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using Tippy is very simple: users download the app to their phone, create an account and add their credit card. When they visit a restaurant that accepts Tippy, they can use the app to tip the server directly from their phone. The app automatically calculates the recommended tip percentage, but users can also adjust the amount if they wish.

One of the most popular aspects of Tippy is its transparency. When users leave a tip, they can see how many tips the server has received in total and how they compare to the average tip of other servers in the restaurant. This allows users to see how their tip compares to what is usually given, and gives them the opportunity to tip more if they wish.

Tippy is also committed to supporting workers in the restaurant industry by offering benefits such as medical insurance and financial advice. In addition, the app donates a portion of its profits to charities that support workers in the restaurant industry.

In addition to its commitment to workers in the restaurant industry, Tippy has also received many positive reviews for its ease of use and positive impact on the industry. Many users appreciate the convenience of being able to leave a tip electronically, without having to worry about pulling out physical cash or mentally calculating the recommended tip percentage.

In summary, Tippy is a useful and popular mobile app that allows users to electronically tip servers and workers in the restaurant industry. Its ease of use, commitment to workers, and positive impact on the industry make it a popular app that is appreciated by many users.

Key benefits of Tippy

Tippy allows you to set up notifications to alert you when you are about to exceed your budget for a given month.


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