Big Wall is an interior design company located in Paris

Our actions

  • Creation of the site with WordPress
  • Responsive design optimization for Tablets / Mobile / Desktop
  • Customized items
  • Take over the design already made after the failure of a web design agency
Big Wall's challenge was to take the design created by an agency and finalize it to make it compatible with all devices (Computer, Mobile, Tablet). The next step was to create a WordPress theme and create specific content types to showcase Big Wall's content and materials.
  • Update of a design made by someone who wasn't into webdesign (it was more like a print design).
  • Creation of a custom WordPress theme.

1. The challenge

Understand the needs.

2. The objectives

Set clear objectives.

One of Big Wall's goals was to be able to update and upload new references to their website by themselves. To do this, we also provided video training at the end of the project on how to use WordPress and update their website (on the go!)
  1. Design optimization.
  2. Creating a custom post in WordPress.
  3. Creation of a WordPress theme.
  4. Animations & Interactions.
  5. Responsive site on any type of device (tablet, mobile, computer).
The work consisted of several iterations:
  1. The first phase of the process was to improve the design to make it accessible and compliant with web best practices.
  2. Then, we implemented and developed the specific features on the WordPress CMS.
  3. Finally, we conducted a long phase of feedback and testing on different devices, especially on mobile.
One of the requests was to create animations on different sections of the site, while maintaining an optimal level of performance and ensuring a correct loading time.

The methodology

Follow the method.

4. The solutions

What have we done for them.

The project took several weeks to complete and we were successful:
  1. Adapted the site to all digital media.
  2. Improve the previously provided design.
  3. Make the website modern and attractive to potential customers.