Espace City'zen Paris

City'zen Paris, a place to relax in the heart of nature in Paris, website by Flowr Agency

Espace City'zen Paris is an innovative place offering courses, workshops, training and seminars in the heart of the largest park in Paris, the Parc Floral de Paris. They had been fighting for months with an agency that didn't understand their needs when they called us.

First, we were asked to provide a graphic and web design audit, as well as to propose a new layout for the homepage. Flowr was then entrusted with the complete redesign of the site.

Our actions

  • evaluation, coordination with the team and centralization of content
  • evolution of the graphic identity
  • website redesign and launch in time for the biggest event of the year
  • integration of a booking system
  • traffic explosion? (yes, we are working on this bounce rate as soon as possible!)
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As the website project had previously been contracted to another agency, a number of challenges arose throughout the project:
  1. Review and reassess the company's digital strategy
  2. Understand why the project failed in the first place
  3. Propose a new approach, an evolved structure, a graphic design that corresponds to the company's vision and develop a new project management plan
  4. Develop and deliver the new website in time for a major event

1. The challenge

Understand the needs.

2. The objectives

Set clear objectives.

As the first website was built on a limited platform, many features were not available. The goals were to provide:
  1. A new website, clearer and better structured
  2. Integrate a reservation management system
  3. Attract more B2C customers
  4. Respect the GDPR regulations and the requirements of the city of Paris
  5. Increase traffic to the site and eventually convert it into bookings
  1. We immersed ourselves in all the documents of what had been done so far. We evaluated the amount of work and discussed at length to understand the vision and needs of the company. From there, we made a graphic proposal for the homepage
  2. After identifying the main challenges, we set the timeline and started building the website and a template for the homepage. We had regular meetings to follow the progress, the construction and we made a graphic proposal for the homepage
  3. Once the site was redesigned (from Wix to WordPress with a complete structural change), we did a lot more feedback in addition to testing and debugging the site
  4. We made a series of custom training videos to explain to the team how to manage the site and make it evolve
  5. We stayed with them a little longer, continuing to adapt as the weeks went by. We were given additional communication and marketing projects to continue to work on the company's overall visibility and build a strong brand image

The methodology

Follow the method.

4. The solutions

What have we done for them.

  1. The old website was built on a CMS that allowed for minimal control over graphics, responsiveness and search engine optimization. We moved to a new platform and allowed more customization and overall control.
  2. As we built the site, we realized that the offer wasn't yet clear to us and therefore it certainly wasn't going to be clear to visitors. We changed the navigation and built custom post types that both displayed the offer visually in a consistent way and made it easier for the team to manage the background afterwards
  3. With the City'zen Paris team, we built a unique graphic identity, integrating textures and plants, creating strong brand recognition
  4. Brand influence and recognition was better established by displaying social proof, high quality photos and customer logos
  5. We have made sure that the website is fully responsive on phones, tablets and desktops, as over 60% of traffic is on mobile
  6. We have integrated Mindbody, a leading wellness booking software
  7. The analysis of the best performing keywords and pages allowed us to develop an SEO strategy and create better-performing meta titles, descriptions, and targeted key phrases. With performance optimization this led to an increase in page views of over 5000%