Vibely is a visionary startup based in the US. The app allows influencers to grow their offline community by meeting face-to-face, organizing local events and supporting each other around the world.

Our actions

  • Integration of a Landing page
  • Responsive design optimization, adapts to any tablet / mobile / desktop device.
When Teri, the founder of Vibely came to us, the challenge was very simple:
  • First: a design made with Sketch (Mobile & Desktop) of the Landing page of the Vibely application
  • The challenge: integrate the design into an optimized and animated web page
What is Sktech App?Sktech is a design toolkit designed to help you create your best work - from your first ideas to the final artwork.

1. The challenge

Understand the needs.

2. The objectives

Set clear objectives.

The Vibely page had to be put online very quickly. It took less than a day and a half for Loïc to transform the design into a dynamic web page.Then the last part consisted in putting animations on the different sections and giving a feeling of airing and floating.We used animate.css to create fast and optimized animations. Go take a look, it's great!
In order to create this optimized homepage, we used the following technologies: Sass / Smacss - BEM methodology / NPM modules.What is BEM ?The BEM methodology was invented at Yandex to develop sites that need to be launched quickly and maintained over the long term. It allows to create extensible and reusable interface components. It is a way of coding the CSS : Block Element Modifier. 

The methodology

Follow the method.

4. The solutions

What have we done for them.

  1. Within 48 hours of receiving the project, Loïc delivered a first version of the site's landing page.
  2. As Vibely is a mobile application, the responsiveness of the page was crucial. Another full day was spent optimizing the site's landing page for optimal performance on all screen sizes.
  3. A good communication and a great reactivity to offer, in a very short time, a Landing page entirely reactive to all the supports and optimized in terms of click rate, while being aesthetic.