10 things to know about Instagram

[ 10 things to know about Instagram 🤓📸 ]

Want to open an Instagram account or use yours effectively for your business?

Here are some practical tips and 10 things to know about Instagram and apply to help you in launching or boosting your Insta account :

👉 Choose a handle ( = user name) that is identical to your company/brand name and the URL of your Facebook page. It makes life easier!
👉 If it's a pro account, put your company logo in your profile picture, and the same image on all your networks so that your audience can easily recognize you wherever you are
👉 Write a unique and catchy bio: company/account name, category, what you do/who you help/who you are and why you are unique, your values, your brand hashtag, a call to action 😊 ( = what you want users to do / a clear incentive to act) and of course, a link to your website!
👉 Insta is a visual social network, pamper your photos and the harmony of your feed (= set of photos), it must be BEAUTIFUL! (Pssss, secret: you can download templates to edit easily to your colors on Canva https://www.etsy.com/fr/market/instagram_template)
👉 No links in the posts, they are not clickable 🙃
👉 Publish regularly: 3-4 posts per week with one to three stories per day 😀
👉 Use hashtags with moderation: they must correspond to your publication and your target audience! Be careful: choose quality over quantity (between 8 and 11 is good!)
👉 But above all... Interact with your community: like, comment, answer private messages, share and exchange with your audience. It brings people to your profile, enhances your image and makes the algorithm happy 🥰 🖥
⚡ Tell me if this will help you get on Instagram or optimize your already existing account?