30 SEO and copywriting ChatGPT prompts to save time in web marketing

Everyone is talking about it, ChatGPT, this language model based on artificial intelligence does not stop talking and offers a lot of resources for entrepreneurs. ChatGPT prompts have become essential to optimize your content.

The largest companies have invested heavily in artificial intelligence. They have set up connection network configurations to enable the automation of their processes.

The benefits are numerous, especially in terms of increased productivity thanks to the implementation of new automation. Intelligent interfaces also improve growth rates by allowing for better production management. The working time for a task now takes much less time in many areas thanks to automation.

What makes Chat GPT so amazing is that it has transformers that can understand context in a more advanced way than ever before. The software, which remembers about 3,000 words, can not only provide accurate answers to your questions, but also allow you to refine your answers and suggest alternatives if you are not satisfied with the answer given.

In addition, Open AI has made the API open source and thus the possibility to integrate it on your own web application or website. There are also already several Google Chrome extensions.

In this article, we'll look at how you can use ChatGPT to your advantage to :

  • Save time in writing
  • Benefit from productivity gains
  • Avoiding certain repetitive tasks
  • Digital marketing automation
  • Continuous improvement


On November 30, 2022, Open AI releases ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based conversational tool. The company created in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, ChatGPT is making a huge start with 1 million users in just 5 days. This language model trained on 570 gigabytes of text is based on a huge amount of data that comes from Wikipedia, the web and word books.

The nonprofit, opened these doors with the goal of making the world a better place by offering publicly available artificial intelligence. Elon Musk stepped down in 2018 and the company transitioned to for-profit status in 2019 to attract capital.

Its previous version (GPT-2) was developed in February 2019. It already allowed to write articles based on a text generator that assimilates the received words and determines a logical sequence and had 1.5 billion parameters.

In July 2020, the GPT-3 beta version, this even more powerful artificial intelligence, composed of 175 billion parameters, ten times more than any other program, was released privately.

In parallel, Open Ai released a derivative of GPT.3, DALL-E an image generator. From a text, it is then possible to generate images with very precise concepts.

Microsoft counts to them, they invest 10 billion in ChatGPT to integrate it to their search engine Bing

The company, capitalized at 29 billion in January 2023, is working on the development of Chat GPT 4.

Prompts ChatGPT, the guide

What are ChatGPT prompts?

The prompt is the text you will give to the software to generate a result for you.

First of all, it is important to know how to use ChatGPT correctly in order to receive all the answers to your questions.

To automate and receive accurate information, you will need to follow a few steps.

  1. Give the context

When you start a conversation with ChatGPT, you can provide the context for it to record and your virtual assistant will remember it throughout the conversation and allow you to automate your requests.

  1. Define your goal

You can also, from the beginning of the conversation, provide him with the tasks you expect, this will avoid repetition.

  1. Define your intention

Whether it is for an editorial, an advertising campaign, a newsletter, etc. To create a more personalized message, inform chatGPT of your intention by explaining the role, the tone and the audience you are targeting.

  1. Give your instructions

Once the context, the objective and your intentions have been established, you can begin to submit your assignments.

  1. Ask for more details and alternatives

After all these steps, it is still possible that the software does not give you the expected answers and remains vague. In this case, do not hesitate to ask for another alternative or continue to refine your request by including more details.

Here are a few examples for a company selling sporting goods that wants to save time in the referencing of their site

Prompts | Web marketing - SEO - copywriting

1. Questioning the expectations of your customers | Prompt web marketing

As a first step, you can learn from customer experiences. This will help you optimize your web marketing whether it is for copywriting, marketing campaigns, prospecting or getting new ideas.

This intelligent service can be used as a data base to inform you about your market.

Quick on the heels of customer expectations for web marketing

Prompt: What are the expectations of a customer {field of activity}

2. Levels of importance of expectations

Once the chatbot has collected the information, it is always better to make a table of it. This will save you time when searching for information!

Prompts on customer expectations in a table with the degree of importance for web marketing

Prompt: Make me a chart of a customer's {field} expectations with the degree of importance

3. List the trends

Using chatGPT's data and documentation can provide you with possible future statistics on trends.

Prompts listing trends for web marketing

Prompt: List me the trends and possible future trends in the {field}

4. List the questions that users have

It can be interesting to see what questions the public has about a service or product. I'm sure there are some you haven't thought of for your business and AI can help you give the customer a better satisfaction.

Quick on the heels of the public's questions for web marketing

Prompt: What questions does the public have before using {company/service}

5. List players in the chosen market

If you are planning to start a business in a region, a simple question to the chatbot will give you a first idea.

Quick facts about the sports market in Bordeaux

Prompt: List me the players in the {domain} market at {location}

6. Editorial Assistant | GPT Chat prompt

You can have a real conversation with the artificial intelligence that will give you instant answers. Before you even start writing, to increase your productivity, in the first prompt, give the software all the instructions so that it is operational and this will avoid repetitions.

Prompts to define the chatbot as our assistant in our editorial office

Prompt: Today, you will be my assistant for the writing of an article of blog in the {field} theme. Your objective is {objective} with an intention {intention}. Use a tone {ton}, the target audience is {audience}.

7. Keyword research | GPT prompt SEO chat

You can have a first idea of the keywords to put in your article.

Everything is possible with this chatbot, you can give the main keyword to ChatGPT, the software will give you a whole list of keywords to implement in your text and the lexical field of your article.

→ For more ideas, I refer you to our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz2rMMi7OOI

An important element to remember is that the database of chatGPT will stop in December 2021. As the software is not connected to the internet, this information will not be updated.

Prompts on keyword research

Prompt: Give me a list of {number} relevant keywords for my article.

8. Classify keywords by intent

Research intentions are important to better target our potential customers. Being able to sort them directly through ChatGPT brings an increase in productivity.

Table of a Prompts with the keywords classified by intention

Prompt: Classify these keywords in a table with the search intentions.

If you did not have your search with chatGPT, you can copy/paste them and the software will do the rest

9. Additional keyword

After choosing your keyword, don't hesitate to ask for additional keywords. This will remain in the algorithm and will help you to adapt the messages later.

Prompts on additional keywords

Prompt: Give me a list of complementary keywords for {keyword}

10. Optimization of the lexical field | Chat GPT prompt writing

Increasing your lexical field will allow you to write better referenced content, to adapt your message, and to offer a language closer to your readers.

Prompts on the lexical field of a keyword

Prompt: Give me the lexical field for the keyword {keyword}.

11. Ask for topic ideas

Are you out of ideas? This won't be the case anymore, you can start asking standard questions to the chatbot. Don't hesitate to specify your request.

Prompts ChatGPT redaction on topic ideas

Prompt: Give me some ideas for my article {topic}

12. A detailed outline of your article | Prompt Chat GPT SEO and Copywriting

You have your title, but before you start writing, an outline is always more effective. Don't forget to ask for the h1, h2 or h3 tags. I talk about it in more detail in this article : https://flowragency.com/en/redaction-seo/

Prompts ChatGPT redaction on the outline of an article

Prompt: Make me a detailed plan with H1,H2,H3 tags for article on {theme}

13. Find sources of information | Prompt writing

The plan of our article is set, we can go and find the necessary information for our article.

Save time in your search, in some cases the AI can give you direct links to where you should go.

Prompts ChatGPT redaction on information sources for an article

Prompt: Give me ideas of sources where I can go to get information for my article on {theme}

14. short text idea

I want to make it clear that it should be used as a writing aid and not to do all the work for you. First, the interface will not offer you enough expertise and experience in SEO optimized writing.

Second, search engines can recognize articles written by artificial intelligence and will ignore your content.

ChatGPT Prompt SEO to write a text

Prompt: Generate me a text of {number} words for the title {title}

15. Short text

Provide as much information as possible for your essay. Afterwards, filter your message with other configurations. Thanks to this, you will be able to personalize your message and propose a more attractive text.

ChatGPT SEO prompt to write a text

Prompt: Generate a {number of words} text for {title}. In the first paragraph, you will talk about {topic}, in the second, you will explain {topic}. In the third paragraph, you will give {topic}

16. Refine your article

When ChatGPT generates a text, there are several solutions to optimize it. Here is a small example, think about your prospects to personalize your text and to have a better satisfaction rate from your readers.

ChatGPT SEO prompt to refine your article

Prompt: Rework this paragraph for me with a {tonal} tone and {details about the audience]

17. Semantic Optimization | Prompt Chat GPT SEO

You can improve your writing or the one that ChatGPT offers you in different ways, the integration of keyword by chatGPT will save you a lot of time, while making your text fluid.

ChatGPT prompt redaction to optimize semantics

Prompt: Optimize the semantics of my text by integrating 3x the word {keyword} and 4x the word {keyword}

18. FAQ Idea

Note that this is about asking for ideas. We will see below how to optimize a FAQ.

ChatGPT SEO prompt for a FAQ idea

Prompt: Give me an idea of FAQ with questions and answers for {article}

19. Analysis of your article

Once your article is finished, ChatGPT can offer you a short analysis to know where you stand

Prompt Chat GPT SEO to analyze an article

Prompt: Analyze this text and tell me if it is SEO optimized. Give me the positive points and the points I can improve.

20. Catchy title idea | Prompt Chat GPT essay

The biggest concern with titles and subtitles is to make it interesting and make you want to read the rest. The AI will give you all possible alternatives. Ask it to generate attractive headlines and as much info as possible about your customer avatar, this will make the message more optimized and personal.

Prompt redaction Chat GPT for catchy title idea

Prompt: Give me some ideas for a catchy title for my article {article topic}

21. Meta description

The meta description of your page or site is not taken into account by search engines. Take advantage of this to make users want to click on your link. Artificial intelligence can help you integrate commercial intentions for example or reach a more targeted audience. Don't forget that the maximum number of characters for a meta description is 160.

Prompt ChatGPT SEO for a meta description

Prompt: Write me a meta description for my article of maximum 155 characters. Be original and ask a question at the end to make the reader want to read more.

22. Backlink source idea with Chat GPT | ChatGPT prompt SEO

Develop your SEO with backlinks.

Prompts ChatGPT for a backlink source idea

Prompt: Tell me where I can find quality backlinks for article {theme}

23. Data analysis

In terms of productivity and man hours, chatGPT data analysis will save you a lot of time. In this prompt, I copied and pasted reviews from Amazon. As you can see, I've put reviews in bulk and in different languages, it's not a problem!

Prompts ChatGPT to analyze customer data

Chat GPT prompt SEO to analyze customer data

Prompt: Make me a list of positive and negative points for {product/service} from the following customer reviews: {customer review}

24. Title from collected data

It becomes interesting, as the conversation with ChatGPT progresses and after providing a good amount of data, the interface offers you continuous improvement and more relevant answers.

ChatGPT Prompts to generate optimized titles

Prompt: From the given user reviews. Give me examples of titles for my article on {topic}, in the theme {topic}.

+ {customer notification} if not given before.

25. Optimization of the FAQ

To create a more optimized FAQ, there is nothing better than being inspired by real user reviews!

Prompts Chat GPT to generate a FAQ from given

Prompt: Make me a FAQ from the customer reviews collected. Without mentioning the term customer + {customer notification} if not given before.

26. Product description

You can really ask anything to Chat GPT, it will bring automation to your time-consuming tasks!

Prompt redaction Chat GPT to write a product sheet

Prompt: Write me a product listing for {product/service} that is SEO optimized for the keyword {keyword} you are going to embed 4x. Use the info you've gathered to counteract the negatives and increase its value with the positives. Add a short call to action with urgency.

27. Data tabulation

For the example, I took an article on sports and put it all in ChatGPT in bulk, this is possible with any kind of data!


Prompts GPT chat to tabulate collected data

Prompt to tabulate collected data

Prompt: Make me a table by presenting {information to put in the table} from this text {info}

28. Copywriting | Prompt Chat GPT writing

We see that the more precise we are in our requests, the more effective our message will be.

Prompt to write a text in copywriting

Prompt: For {work}, write me a {number of words} essay on {topic} In the first paragraph, you will talk about {text}, in the second, you will explain {text}. In the third paragraph, you will make the reader {feel} like {according to your intention} by adding urgency{or other need}. Finally, you will put a short call to action by talking about the scarcity of the {product/service}.

29. Ghostwriting

To optimize the text ChatGPT has given you, nothing better than to have it analyze your style. You might be surprised by the result!

Prompts Chat GPT to analyze writing style

Prompt to generate a text from our style

Prompt: You are a ghostwriter. Use the text I give you to write a {number of words} paragraph on {topic} for my article {topic}

30. Storytelling

Nothing better to make your readers travel than with a little story!

Prompt writing to generate a storytelling

Prompt: Write me a storytelling. The basis of the story is{context}.

As much information as possible

Example: characters, interactions, purpose of the story


Here are the main prompts in the field of copywriting and SEO. Want to go further?

For the most motivated, we have created the PromptMachinewith optimized web marketing prompts that will help you boost your results.

Take the opportunity to discover our tool  I want to go further
























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