Digital voucher for a connected business: up to 1500 ? of aid from the Ile de France region to help you go digital

You are a merchant or craftsman in the Ile de France and are hit hard by the Covid crisis? Are you looking for a way to sell online or do you finally have the time to focus on creating your website to sell, implement click and collect or add an online appointment booking module?

The Île de France region has set up a concrete aid of reimbursement of 50% of the digitalization expenses up to 1500 ? thanks to the digital check for a connected trade.

? Creation or evolution of a website

? Implementation of solutions on existing platforms or marketplaces to boost my sales

? Commissions for digital solutions such as SEO, copywriting, advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram ads?)

? Training costs

? Operating costs such as wifi pro subscriptions, cash solution?



Craftsmen and merchants: why go digital now?

In the current situation where uncertainties and successive closures dictate your turnover, it is particularly difficult for small businesses to have sufficient visibility to make a turnover forecast and to obtain the guarantee to break even. The vast majority of artisans and traders hit by the crisis are in the grip of significant financial difficulties and have been unable to generate a satisfactory level of sales in recent months.

Equipping yourself with an adapted digital solution means :

  • Give your customers the opportunity to remain loyal to you, regardless of the health situation
  • Retain your current customers and acquire new ones
  • Generate continuity
  • Implementing sustainable solutions for a more peaceful future
  • Facilitate the daily management of your business
  • Setting up tools for the future
  • Reduce your dependence on face-to-face meetings and your physical capacity to open up
  • Keep selling, wherever you are
  • Reach a wider geographical range of customers and go international


What is the digital check of the Ile de France region?

To support the activity of the craftsmen and tradesmen of proximity in the context of the sanitary restrictions, the region IDF set up a financial assistance of an amount going up to 1500 ?for all merchants and craftsmen who wish to develop their digital activity and thus help them in the rapid creation of online sales platforms.

Amount of the digital check of the IDF region

This digital check is calculated on the ex VAT amounts of the company's eligible expenses and corresponds to 50% of reimbursement of this amount.

For example, you have a website but you want to make it appear in a better position in Google's search results and commission an SEO service over 6 months for 1800 euros. Upon presentation of the signed quote, the region will reimburse you half of your costs once your invoice has been paid, i.e. 900 euros. You benefit from a SEO service over 6 months for 150? per month.

Another example: you own a restaurant or a bed and breakfast that is completely closed and you want to prepare for the recovery by creating a website with online booking facilities. Your service provider gives you an estimate of 2800? that you decide to sign. You will then benefit from a 1400? reimbursement from the Ile de France region upon presentation of the paid invoice, in one or two payments.


Île de France Digital Subsidy Reimbursement Schedule:

Amount before tax of eligible expenses Amount of the digital cheque
From 300 ? 150 ?
From 600 ? 300 ?
From 900 ? 450 ?
From 1200 ? 600 ?
From 1500 ? 750 ?
From 1800 ? 900 ?
From 2100? 1050 ?
From 2400 ? 1200 ?
From 2700 ? 1350 ?
From 3000 ? 1500 ?


Who is this digital grant for?

The digital voucher is aimed at small businesses that sell on a recurring basis to individuals (excluding franchises, design offices, training or consulting organizations, e-merchants, financial and real estate businesses or digital companies) and that wish to digitize their activity in order to face the current health crisis.


Eligibility criteria for the IDF region's digital check

  1. Be established in the Ile de France region 
  2. Be registered in the Trade Register and/or the Professional Register
  3. Have less than 20 employees (including self-employed)
  4. Report to one of the eligible NAF codes 


Which merchants and craftsmen are eligible for digital aid?

  • Point of Sale you are eligible whether you have a fixed point of sale or not
  • Sedentary lifestyle The sedentary nature of the business is not a selection criterion either. Craftsmen and tradesmen dependent on a specific NAF code series, sedentary or not, are eligible.
  • The deductibles are not eligible
  • Have their establishment in Ile de France 
  • Raise from a eligible NAF code with the help of: 10 to 33, 43 to 47, 49, 55 and 56, 7420Z, 79, 81, 9312 and 9313, 95 and 96


Please note! Companies that sell exclusively on the Internet, from the digital sector, financial and real estate activities, training and consulting organizations, and engineering firms are not eligible.


NAF codes eligible for the digital check

Manufacturing industry


Trade; repair of automobiles and motorcycles

Transportation and warehousing

Accommodation and catering

Specialized, scientific and technical activities

Administrative and support service activities

Arts, entertainment and recreation

Other service activities


What does the digital cheque fund?


What types of services can be covered by the digital grant?

The digital voucher for a connected business allows to co-finance a set of digital services.

  • It covers expenses for a maximum period of 12 months
  • Expenditures and grants are exclusive of taxes

The digital cheque covers 2 main components: the operating expenses or the investment expenses (and cannot cover both).


Benefit from the digital cheque to cover operating expenses

Operating expenses are cumulative, recorded in the company's expenses and cover the following purchases:

  • Subscriptions to digital management solutions (cash register software, stock management, customer management, etc.) as well as their additional costs: installation, configuration, training, or screen rental.
  • Spending on digital advertising, SEO and loyalty solutions (purchase of keywords, ads, loyalty card)
  • Hosting fees for your site (domain name and hosting fees)
  • Subscription to a SaaS website creation software and related optimization and training costs
  • Subscriptions or commissions on sales related to a digital solution aimed at develop sales (online platform, marketplace, click and collect, etc.)
  • Fees for training related to the acquisition of digital solutions: you want to learn how to manage your online store and be able to maintain it over time? you want to learn how to write your own product descriptions so that they are optimized for search engines and your users? You want to learn the basics to make changes on your website or learn how to do keyword research to optimize your e-shop yourself? The training costs related to the digitalization of your business can be covered by the digital check.
  • Your business subscriptions for internet access are also included in the subsidy: wifi, rental of professional boxes, rental of digital screens for content distribution
  • Setting up of delivery services You are a Parisian retailer and you want to set up a two-hour bike delivery service in Paris, offer delivery solutions via Colissimo, TNT or any other service provider in order to sell your products and ensure fast delivery? The digital check can help you to set up new solutions!


Please note! The expenses of material (purchase of computer or connected cash register for example) do not enter the expenses subsidizable by the digital check.

Capital expenditures to boost your online business or service

Capital expenditures (recorded as assets of the company) relate to development and acquisition of websitesof licenses, or the purchase of adigital screens content distribution.

These expenditures are focused on site creation e-commerce or websites with appointment booking for example, on a platform like Prestashop or Wordpressbut also on subscription formulas such as Wix, Shopify or Squarespace.

Please note: You cannot request aid for both operating and capital expenditures: you must choose the ones for which you want to request aid from the Île de France region.

How do I know what I need to boost my business through digital?

You are a merchant or a craftsman and your business has been based on face-to-face contact for years, you are used to going to your customers or they come to you and you have difficulties to evaluate what impact digital technology can have for you and how digitalizing your business can help you?

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Trades and Crafts provide merchants and artisans with evaluation tools to make a digital self-diagnosis online.

  • Evaluate your digital performance current
  • 20 questions which you can answer in only 4 minutes to get concrete proposals
  • A personalized action plan to boost your online visibility
  • From advice and solutions to implement to digitalize your company

Thanks to the online diagnosis, you can quickly :

? Identify your existing digital positioning

? Understand what actions to take to increase your visibility and multiply your sales

? Identify how to retain your customers

? Learn how to save time in the daily management of your business and in administrative tasks

? Increase your turnover in the long term


Perform my digital diagnosis online        

[I am a merchant] 

[I'm a craftsman]

To be consulted:  the Covid solution platform for craftsmen and traders or  download the guide to help you choose the right solutions for your needs.


How do I get the digital grant?

1. Gather your credentials

  • an extract Kbis or D1 less than 3 months old
  • a GNI 
  • the receipts for expenses Forecast (estimate, price list, ?) or paid invoices (from 12/03/2020)


2. Submit your digital grant application

Online, easily, on 

Apply for a digital grant


3. Receive your acceptance or rejection notice

The Region responds to you with a 3 weeks delay to find out if your application has been accepted.


4. Get your grant

The payment will be made directly to the account associated with the RIB provided if paid invoices are sent.

For requests with quotes, a request for payment with paid invoices within a maximum of 1 year is required. This means that you will be able to submit your invoices within 12 months of signing your digital service.


Additional information

  • Invoices provided must show a check number, credit card payment or "paid".
  • The payment of this grant is made in a single payment or in two instalments.
  • The expenses taken into account are for a maximum period of 12 months and must have been incurred within a maximum period of 18 months after the notice of decision.

Bonus: the State supports and accompanies small French companies in their digital approach with a 500 ? check.

A digital cheque of 500 ? will be offered to all businesses closed for administrative reasons and to professionals in the hotel and restaurant sector, in order to finance the acquisition and development of digital distance selling solutions.


What are the conditions of implementation of this financial aid?

  • The maximum amount of this digital check is 500?
  • The grant will be paid directly to the recipient's account upon presentation of invoices.
  • The first payments are scheduled to begin in January 2021 and will be retroactive from the start of the second containment

Note that a decree is expected with details on its implementation.

If you have any questions about this digital aid, please contact : 

If you have any questions about your file, please contact :

To learn more about the digital aids put in place by the government, region by region, visit :


You have a little more visibility and fit into one of the NAF codes eligible for the digital check of the region Ile de France? You wish to assess your needs according to your activity and know, concretely, what kind of digital solution could be suitable for you to enable you to boost your sales and how much would it cost you?

Send us a message for personalized advice and a free estimate! 

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