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Apple Books

Audiobooks narrated by a text-to-speech AI are now available through Apple Books. Initially available only for romance and fiction books, where they list two digital voices available: Madison and Jackson.

Why use Apple Books ?

Apple Books is a digital book reading application for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows users to purchase and download e-books, store them in a virtual library and read them on their device. The benefits of using the Apple Books app include:
The ability to access a large selection of e-books, including best sellers and classics.
The ability to store multiple e-books on a single device, saving storage space on the device.
The ability to underline passages, add notes and search for words in e-books.
The ability to continue reading where you left off on all your iCloud-synced devices.
The ability to customize the appearance of the font, font size, lighting, etc.
The ability to read audio books with professional narration.

Key benefits of Apple Books

The ability to customize the appearance of the font, font size, lighting, etc.


Apple Books

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