To recognize and promote the talent and effort of the world's best developers and designers.

Why use Awwwards?

Awwwards is an online program that recognizes the best websites and their creators. Founded in 2009, this platform's mission is to promote quality work in the field of web design and to foster innovation and creative excellence.

Awwwards is aimed at web design professionals, developers and web design agencies. The platform offers them the opportunity to submit their projects to be evaluated by a jury composed of industry experts. The selection criteria are numerous and include design quality, user experience, creativity, technology used, performance and accessibility.

Projects are evaluated on a scale ranging from "Site of the Day" to "Site of the Month" to "Honorable Mention. Winners receive international recognition and are featured on the platform as well as on Awwwards' social networks and newsletters.

In addition to its selection and award function, Awwwards also offers a platform for sharing and inspiration for web professionals. The platform provides a wealth of content, such as articles, tutorials, events and webinars. It also allows users to create their profile and follow the work of their peers.

Over the years, Awwwards has become a key player in the web design industry. Its community now numbers millions of members worldwide, and the platform regularly organizes international events to celebrate creative excellence in web design. If you are a web professional or simply interested in quality web design, Awwwards is a must.


Connect to a global community of design experts: Awwwards allows you to connect to a global community of design experts, giving you access to an additional level of expertise and inspiration.
Follow design trends: Awwwards allows you to discover the latest trends and best practices in design.


To recognize and promote the talent and effort of the world's best developers and designers.
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To recognize and promote the talent and effort of the world's best developers and designers.
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