A fast and user-friendly GIT client for Mac and Windows

Why use Fork ?

The fork is an important concept in the world of software development and computing in general. It occurs when a developer or development team creates a copy of an existing project, called a "fork", and begins working independently on that project.

The fork is most often used in open source projects, where the code is freely available and can be modified and used by anyone. When a developer creates a fork of a project, he or she can make changes and improvements to the code, without having to seek approval or permission from the original development team.

There are several reasons why a developer may decide to create a fork of a project. First, it can be done to add new features or improve existing code. For example, a developer can create a fork of a project management software and add new features that are useful to him, without having to wait for the original development team to add them.

Another common example of a fork is when a developer disagrees with the direction taken by the original development team. In this case, the developer can create a fork and continue to develop the project in the direction he or she wants.

It is important to note that, although the fork allows a developer to work independently on a project, it is also possible to merge the changes made in the fork with the original project. This is usually done when the changes made in the fork are considered useful for the overall project.

The fork is a key concept in the world of software development and is widely used in open source projects. It allows developers to work independently on a project and make changes and improvements, while also allowing these changes to be merged with the original project if they are considered useful for the overall project.


It is a very powerful source code management tool that allows you to work on projects in a collaborative way.
Fork offers a very efficient version management system. It stores and manages the source code and the changes made to each version of the project.


A fast and user-friendly GIT client for Mac and Windows
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