Gumroad is an online marketing and sales tool that enables companies to sell and distribute their digital products and services. It offers companies a full range of features to help them grow their business, segment their customers, track their performance and achieve their business goals. Gumroad is one of the easiest and most effective ways for companies to manage their online sales and marketing operations.

Why use gumroad ?

Gumroad is an online platform that allows creators to sell their products directly to their customers. Whether you are an author, artist, musician, software developer or any other creative person, Gumroad offers you a simple and efficient way to monetize your work.

Gumroad was founded in 2011 by Sahil Lavingia, a software developer who was looking for a way to sell his own work online. Since then, the platform has grown rapidly and has become one of the top options for creators looking to sell their products online.

One of the main advantages of Gumroad is its ease of use. Just create an account, upload your product and set the price. Gumroad supports multiple file formats, including ebooks, audio and video files, software and files of any other nature. You can also add features such as user licenses or automatic updates.

Gumroad also offers a variety of payment options, including credit cards, PayPal and wire transfers. Gumroad's fees are relatively reasonable, with an 8.5 % commission on sales and a 30 cent per transaction fee. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions, making it an attractive option for creators who only make a few sales per month.

In addition to its sales features, Gumroad also offers a variety of marketing tools to help creators promote their products. You can create custom sales pages, add sharing buttons on social networks, and use analytics tools to track your product's performance. Gumroad also offers a streaming option, which allows creators to sell their products on other online platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

In summary, Gumroad is a solid online platform for creators looking to monetize their work. Its ease of use, flexible payment options and useful marketing tools make it a great option for artists and businesses looking for ways to sell their products online.

Key benefits of gumroad

Integrated Marketing Tools: Gumroad offers a full suite of integrated marketing tools that allow companies to create targeted marketing campaigns, segment their customers and track their performance.


Gumroad is an online marketing and sales tool

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