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Automatically turn long videos into short data-driven clips for social networks. Munch generates exposure and engagement by collecting the top interests of users on TikTok, IG, YT and FB and applying it to your AI-generated clips

Why use Munch ?

Munch is a data scraping tool that automatically collects information from websites. It is used to extract data in a structured way, to be used for tasks such as data mining, competitive intelligence, and to populate databases or applications.

It uses regular expressions to extract data in an efficient and targeted manner. Users can use regular expressions to target the specific data they want to collect, such as prices, images, titles, product details, etc. Users can also use CSS selectors to target data on websites.

Munch can also be used to automatically navigate through the pages of a website to collect data from multiple pages. It supports navigation through search results pages, category pages, product pages, etc. This allows users to collect data from many pages in one process, saving a lot of time.

It is also possible to configure Munch to perform actions based on the collected data. For example, it can send an e-mail when specific data is collected, or it can automatically update a database with the collected data.

Finally, Munch is a very flexible and easy-to-use tool. It has an intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly configure scraping parameters, and it can also be used via an API to integrate with other applications or workflows.

Key benefits of Munch

It supports navigation through search results pages, category pages, product pages, etc.



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