A platform for you to access and understand research papers. With paper summaries and direct pdf links, you'll never have to struggle with tedious downloads again. Built with a GPT wizard to help you along.

Why use PaperBrain ?

PaperBrain is a scientific research management tool that allows users to store, organize and share their scientific articles, as well as annotate and categorize them by subject. It also allows users to discover relevant new articles using recommendation algorithms based on the user's publications and interests. Benefits of using PaperBrain include:

Saves time: PaperBrain allows users to store all of their scientific articles in one place, making it easy to search and retrieve the necessary articles.

Organization: PaperBrain allows users to organize their articles by subject, annotate them and share them with other users, facilitating collaboration and communication between researchers.

Content discovery: PaperBrain uses recommendation algorithms to suggest relevant articles based on the user's publications and interests, allowing the user to discover new articles and stay current in their research area.

Remote access: PaperBrain is an online tool, which allows users to access their articles from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Key benefits of PaperBrain

PaperBrain allows users to categorize their articles by topic, annotate them, and share them with other users, facilitating collaboration and communication among researchers.



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