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Why use Levity ?

Levity software is a project management tool designed to help companies better manage their tasks and time. It allows to follow the progress of the company's projects, to plan the upcoming tasks and to follow the use of time by the employees.

One of the main features of Levity is its ease of use. The software is easy to learn and allows everyone in the company to get to work quickly. Plus, it's compatible with multiple devices, so employees can work from anywhere, at any time.

Levity also offers great flexibility. Users can customize the software to their specific needs, adding new tasks, creating to-do lists and tracking the progress of each project. This ensures that everyone in the company is on the same page and that projects are moving forward efficiently.

In addition, Levity provides a real-time view of project progress, which allows managers to track each employee's time usage and ensure that everyone is working efficiently. The software also allows for the generation of detailed project progress reports, which can be useful for follow-up meetings and strategic decision-making.

In conclusion, Levity is a versatile and easy-to-use project management software that can be used by everyone in the company to improve productivity and collaboration. Thanks to its ease of use, flexibility and ability to track project progress in real time, it has become a must-have tool for many companies.

Key benefits of Levity

Levity provides a framework for developers to design and develop applications quickly.


Train your own AI on documents

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