Pixela AI

Game textures generated by AI. All these images were generated with a stable diffusion algorithm. Upload your generated texture to share it with the community!

Why use Pixela AI ?

Pixela AI is an artificial intelligence-based image recognition software. It allows users to automatically classify images using predefined categories or by creating their own categories. It also offers image search, face detection and pattern recognition features.

The benefits of using Pixela AI include:

The ability to automatically classify images, which saves a lot of time and manual effort.
The ability to create custom categories to classify images, which allows to meet the specific needs of the user.
The image search and pattern recognition features allow you to quickly find specific images from a large number of images.
Face recognition can be used to organize family photos or for professional applications such as security monitoring.

Key benefits of Pixela AI

The ability to create custom categories to classify images, which allows to meet the specific needs of the user.


Pixela AI

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