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Why use Prototion ?

Prototion is a concept that was developed in response to the growing popularity of e-commerce and online sales. It is a sales method that allows companies to promote and sell their products using only images and videos, without the need to set up a full online store.

The prototion is particularly useful for companies that do not have a website or do not want to start selling online in the traditional way. It allows them to promote their products to a targeted audience and make sales without having to invest in creating a website or running an online store.

To set up a prototion, it is necessary to create a series of images and videos highlighting the products for sale. These contents can be broadcasted on social networks, on online sales sites or on specialized prototion platforms. Customers can then see the products and place orders directly from the images or videos.

There are several advantages to using prototion to sell products online. First of all, this method is very quick and easy to set up, which makes it an ideal solution for companies that want to start selling online quickly. In addition, it allows you to precisely target the intended audience, thanks to the targeted distribution of content on social networks and prototion platforms.

The prototion is also a very economical solution for companies, which do not need to invest in the creation of a website or in the management of an online store. It allows them to focus on promoting and selling their products without having to worry about other tasks.

Finally, prototion allows companies to quickly adapt to the trends and needs of their target audience. By regularly releasing new images and videos showcasing their products, they can quickly react to changes in their customers' tastes and needs and ensure that they stay in tune with their customers.

Key benefits of Prototion

Agility: Prototion offers a more agile and flexible approach to managing projects. It allows companies to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes and market demands.


The best ready-made notion templates organized by the experts of prototion. Sign up for free today!

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