Stock Alarm

The stock alarm allows you to set real-time stock alerts to help you easily track a range of live actions, receive ...

Why use Stock Alarm ?

Stock Alarm is an inventory tracking software designed to help companies manage their inventory efficiently. It allows you to track inventory in real time and receive alerts in case of critical stock levels.

Stock Alarm software is easy to use and can be configured to fit your business needs. It allows you to enter stock receipts and issues manually or to synchronize data with an existing inventory management system.

Once inventory data is entered, the software can be configured to send email or SMS alerts when inventory levels reach a specified threshold. This allows companies to react quickly and order additional inventory before it's too late.

Stock Alarm software also provides a real-time view of inventory, allowing companies to track inventory movements and make informed decisions about purchases and sales.

In addition to tracking inventory levels, the software also tracks inventory-related costs, such as purchasing, storage and transportation costs. This allows companies to better understand the total cost of their inventory and make informed decisions about managing these costs.

In summary, Stock Alarm software is an invaluable tool for any business concerned with efficient inventory management. It provides real-time inventory tracking and alerts when stock levels are critical, allowing companies to react quickly and maintain a steady flow of inventory.


Stock alerts can help you optimize your inventory by informing you when you need to order new products or when you have products that remain in stock for an extended period.
Stock alerts can help you avoid running out of products in stock, which can be especially useful if you run an online business or have customers who rely on you to provide products on a regular basis.


Stock alerts allow you to set real-time stock alerts to help you easily track a range of live actions
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